Welcome to West Coast Rock!

West Coast Rock began with the marriage of two people - James and Gina Kelly, and their shared love for music. From the first live band we had play on our back deck for our wedding reception, to taking last minute ferries, and sleeping in vehicles, (just to see the next up and coming B.C. artists), we've shared the same mission. We are committed to the enjoyment and promotion of the exploding West Coast music scene.

Along the way we have met great people willing to help in their field of expertise any way they can and we are most grateful. Music DOES bring people together!

February 2010 James approached Robb Schwindt and his partner Andrei Tatartchenko from Apexoo Software Corp.  With a shared love of music Andrei and Robb jumped on board in a heartbeat and the website was born.

West Coast Rock Fest August 7th 2010, launching the website resulted in meeting four more fellows that we could have never pulled off the show without, Bill, Bryce, Tom and Steve. With their combined years of being involved in the music industry in one way or another we were able to achieve a successful West Coast Rock Fest and website launch.

There are so many wonderful artists in British Columbia that have yet to be heard. Our mission is to carry their message to a wider audience so that they WILL be heard. We believe networking is a powerful tool for promoting our local artists, and have already seen results because of the late nights we've spent researching and compiling information on a variety of sometimes struggling, and unknown musicians, right in our own back yard.
This site provides a free page to ANY artist on the West Coast. So if you're in a band, or know of one that could use a step-up in a positive direction, we are here for you!
~West Coast Rock Crew~