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It’s a rare and fine thing when a new voice arrives, fully-realized, on the music scene. From the first note of Aaron Cadwaladr’s folk-roots infused debut releaseWade Through the Dark, it’s evident that this
In the title track from Acres Of Lions debut record, entitled "Working", singer-guitarist Jeff Kalesnikoff shouts the words of an anthem that captures the very sentiment of the band's work ethic: "Work hard, make your body sting.
The "LIVE LOVE SONGS" CD will be out this year before summer...a unplugged & live album... but Adam James grew up on the Island right on the Nanaimo river on 85 acres then moved to Vancouver ,only to
In the spring of 2007, a rock reunion of epic proportions took place in the southern California desert. It was the momentary reuniting of Rage Against The Machine that caused two rockoholics from Vancouver Island to randomly and repeatedly cross paths.
Afterglow is a rock band from Nanaimo, B.C, made up of two brothers; Adam Podritske, (Guitars/Vocals), Aron Podritske, (Drums), and Dave Buchanan (Bass). In the summer of 2010 afterglow launched, this is where the band connects
  I grew up in the coatracks of my parents second-hand store in Victoria, BC. After stints in church choirs, hardcore drumming, and commercial dishwashing, I started carefully piecing together my first collection of songs with my friend and producer,
AMORTALS have been born, and currently reside in Victoria, B.C. They have shaken off the cocoon, and are now ready to ride the wave of the coming superhero evolution. Capes and tights are optional.*** With determinedly optimistic lyrics climbing
Andrea Ramolo has been praised for her unabashed approach to songwriting, her commitment to storytelling, and the raw, honest, and captivating presence she brings to her live performance. October 2008 marked the release of Andrea's debut album "Thank You For
Angel Down was formed originally in 2007 with current drummer LT playing the bass.  They went through a few drummers and the band eventually went on hiatus.  Guitar players Joel and Gordie continued to play acoustic shows and write
A band is like a person - the more you get to know it, the deeper it becomes. When Armchair Cynics released the Killing the Romance EP in 2005, the Victoria-based four piece established itself as a sturdy modern rock outfit
Atlas Collapses is a melodic rock band from Vancouver Island. Although the group has only officially existed for two years, they have been making music together since elementary school. The trio consists of guitarist David Sponaugle, percussionist Booth White and
Atomis [ATOM-iss] is a post-rock/experimental outfit with a siamese twist. Incorporating elements of sludge and shoegaze, each song is carefully crafted to express concern over the state of our current social norms.  
Bells & Cannons was nothing but a name, some songs and a glimmer in one woman's eye last year and many have been shocked by the speed with which the band has moved forward and carved their own musical niche.
You don’t always know where the road will take you. This is certainly true of Ben Sigston. An ex-Canadian National Team cyclist, Ben turned to music after a university athletic scholarship went awry. Growing up in North Vancouver,
Between Takes is a four piece rock band ( Mark Pocock vocals and guitar, Andrew Laing lead guitar, Roddy MacIsaac Bass, and Brayden Clark on drums) whose inspiration comes from bands such as Breaking Benjamin, Stereophonics, Foo Fighters, Our Lady Peace,
  The love child of two private school teenagers, Bif was born in New Delhi, India in 1971. She was adopted by American missionaries who moved her to Minneapolis, and Lexington, Kentucky, ultimately winding up in Winnipeg, Manitoba.   It was
Life tends to give us what we want…but never how we expect it. Witness phenomenal Vancouver, B.C. singer/songwriter Billy The Kid. Culled from the same passionate ambrosia that spawned musical greats such as Bob Dylan, Bruce
Catalyzed by a cocktail of American powerhouse alternative, Trans-Atlantic hard rock and deep, dirty groove, Black Hat Villain has done the impossible and captured lightning in a bottle. Summoning the authenticity and unapologetic honesty of vintage rock & roll, the
A thick summer evening in 1986, two boys ride past each other on their BMX's in the back roads of Cherry Creek. Less then an hour later, a young Kevin Falkenberg has just arrived home when an ambulance screams by.  
Bodhi Jones spent his early years with his mother and sister on Saltspring Island. He aectionately refers to it as a "1980's hippie paradise” and says spending his childhood there was an "amazingly magical experience".
Bohdi was formed in early 2009 in Edmonton, AB, Canada and performed regularly in Edmonton until mid 2010 when the band relocated to Nanaimo, BC, Canada, to be in close proximity of Canada’s music capital, Vancouver. The band entered the
Two generations of talent make up the tight, hard-rocking trio that is Braeden Marshal. With a refreshingly modern sound that has already been compared to industry titans such as Billy Talent, Incubus and U2, this father-and-sons team of rockers have
After only mere seconds of this contagious structure of sound, Brandon Mason will have you reciting, word for word, his entire library. Influenced by the old days of Motown, Mason knows the recipe for a catchy, melody driven hit song.
They are Bullets Over Beauty, a name with many meanings; yet there is one that rules them all, the need to penetrate ears by impaling them with their unique brand of Rock. They will punish with malicious musical persistence but
"Call Security!" is a rock/hardcore band that was born on the historic date of January 28th, 2010. It was once written in the stone that four ordinary youths, each from a different educational clan, would meet and create
CALLING~ALL~WAVE Was formed when singer/song writer Bryan Chamberland and producer/song writer Shane Demers locked guitars and mindsets to take their music to the next level. They needed a drummer who could compliment the guitar energy and
Ferocity, passion, melody, beauty, grit – all delivered by the hands and feet of 2 people. Two people on a mission to destroy musical barriers, preconceptions and all that is mundane. Not metal enough to be metal and too metal to
Carly Rae Jepsen knew she was pushing her luck as Canadian Idol 2007 rolled on - choosing songs that were a nightmare in terms of clearance, like Rickie Lee Jones’ “Chuck E’s In Love”, and then
Rising from the suburbs of Vancouver comes Centrefold, a hard-hitting rock act ready to take on anything that comes their way. Hot off the floor of Ear Art music studios, working with the immensely talented producer Tim Neuhaus, Centrefold is
          "Chaplyn gives an explosive performance, the female front of the band shows real showmanship. I have never seen someone move so deftly between cables. The songs are fast paced, funky and soulful. An indie
Chase Spencer   Born in '94, Chase Spencer started playing music at age 12 with the drums. He obtained his first guitar at age 13 and started making music soon after. He's played in different bands in his hometown Port Alberni writing
Some of the best things in life happen when you stop looking for them. In 2006 singer Daniel Bryant and lead guitarist Aaron Bethune were introduced by a mutual friend, and four time Juno nominated producer, Rick Salt. They had recently
    It’s been a long time coming, but Vancouver Island musician Christopher Arruda has decided to make a stand on his own. Having spent his late teens and early twenties fronting popular funk-rock band "The
Chron Goblin was formed in early 2009 by guitarist Devin “Darty” Purdy, vocalist Josh Sandulak, and drummer Brett Whittingham with the intention of creating some dynamic and unique rock tunes based in the traditions of early heavy metal and
Bio: Cindy Lou Potter is making a big name for herself. Starting at a young age playing piano and competing in local singing and choir competitions, Cindy has been involved with the entertainment and music industry her entire life. Her
Clash At The Carnival is an intense West coast indie rock band that sound like a mix of Queens of the Stone Age, David Bowie, Alice In Chains, and Metric with some keytar synth thrown in to provide a little
In 2010, Cole Grifter released their debut album, recorded at Infiniti Studio in Victoria BC, by renowned producer Adam Sutherland (Armchair Cynics, Acres of Lions, Maurice, Theset). The album features guest performances from Lea Kirstein on cello and viola, Dallas Budd (
“I’m opening doors for you –walk through them.”  From the prairies of Saskatchewan to sharing the stage with arguably the greatest and most influential guitarists of all time, Colin James still remembers those words
First off, thanks for visiting. I am presently in the process of recording my first solo demo, so I will keep this brief... until the album is out, then get the bio done right. Just wanna say I hope you
Cottonmouth Jones fired up it's pistons for the first time in the summer of 2006. Originally starting out as a song writing vehicle, it soon became obvious that we had to take this baby for a ride,Otis!
Crash was formed in early 2008 by Mackenzie Barry (drums) and Yukon Deighton (guitar & vocals), with Luke Ishizaki on bass. Ishizaki quit the band after a couple months and was immediately replaced by Yukon's sister, Catalina Deighton. Yukon had been
Cruel Young Heart, hailing from Vancouver, BC was officially formed in February 2010, and has recently come out of the legendary Mushroom Studio with their self titled EP. This project is written and produced by singer James Blackmon, engineered and produced
Current Swell, a band based in Victoria BC, is in the foreground of the “new roots” music front pushing out of Canada’s west coast. The band has been around for a few years getting their early
In the winter of 2008, for two night’s running, Daniel Wesley mounted the stage before a sold out crowd at Vancouver’s 1000 capacity Commodore Ballroom. The venerable concert hall has seen its share of local artists, but Wesley&
Data Romance exist to serve your ears and eyes.  -We are Ajay and Amy.  -We used to be called Names.  -Now we're called Data Romance.  -We're from Vancouver. -We formed in 2009. -We love you for coming
Dead Eyes Open Melding progressive hard rock with an epic tale to create a concept album armed to the teeth with metallic riffs, haunting acoustic passages and memorable hooks.   Apocalypse through the eyes of... "An apocalyptic saga that
After several Years of touring in rock bands, Debra took a break from the music industry and eventually, re-emerged as a solo Artist around the year 2000. She played many open mics and went on to perform many local shows, fundraiser's
Deckard Cain formed eons ago of Craig, Tony, Alex, and Max. Whilst in Valhalla on a road trip stumbled up Travis via the list of Craig. These 5 men descended down unto Victoria to form a band the likes of which
DEFAULT TO RELEASE BRAND NEW ALBUM “COMES AND GOES” ON CAPITOL RECORDS SEPTEMBER 29, 2009 First Single ‘All Over Me” Soars To #10 At Rock Radio In 2 Weeks Comes and Goes, the fourth album from platinum rock band Default,
Delhi 2 Dublin continues to break the mold with the release of its new genre-busting album, Planet Electric, on May 4th. It’s as if the band has been sent on a mission to further spread their sound across the
Destineak formed in 2004, after falling in love at a gig. Admittedly, Bobby and Christina moved a little fast. Within moments they had kissed. After only an hour they witnessed one another shred on stage. By the end of the night
With close to 40 years of experience combined, the members of DGRADE have strived to write and play music as a way of life. With so much passion, as to fulfill themselves as individuals, the strict sense of showcasing their music
Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Diamond Dancer is comprised of long-time friends and lovers who have traded in their dysfunctional hardcore punk rock past for twinkly guitar hooks and heartfelt vocals.    The band encapsulates a throwback indie, '90
DIRTY AUDIO MACHINE Sex, Controversy, Alcoholic Fueled Porno Rock… Dirty Audio Machine has all bases covered, Oh less we forget, a Female singer at the helm!! Take all that we know about our Stereotypical male, self indulged Rock Bands,
“Rock needs to re-invent itself and be more experimental. We’re trying to push boundaries and use all the technology we have to make great records, while still staying traditional enough to be a rock band.” Trevor
There’s a storm coming, it’s the war! Electric Empress has just finished putting the final touches on their debut EP titled The War, which will be released in October 2011.  The Electric Empress is one high
Eliza Smith is becoming one of the hottest hip-hop and R&B phenomena on the west coast and will no doubt be taking Canada by storm very soon. This 21-year-old, who grew up off the coast of B.C.
Award Winning Guitarist Eric Harper creates not only a unique sound all his own but his music is melodically entrancing, virtuosically ferocious and harmonically soul-stirring to the core. Among other achievements Eric has also co-scored Kevin Spacey’s latest
 Everyone Everywhere is a high energy, fully independent pop-punk band from Victoria, BC. Formed in summer 2008, they wasted little time getting started. It was less than two weeks after forming the band that they hit the studio to write
With a renewed roster of four hailing from BC’s Fraser Valley, Exit 200 enjoys the lighter side of music. This California surf-inspired band focuses on having a great time, writing catchy tunes, and putting on an energetic show.  &
    The story of Fairweather Father began when singer/songwriter Danny Keehn left his small home town of Smithers BC in search of something more. After winning the Best in the West competion, Danny knew in order to share
 Familia’s debut album, Golden Lies, is a sonic battlefield where the war between the underground and the mainstream; the flesh and the spirit; the dance-floor and the garage is fought but never finished. From song to song, &
Fanaticus is a rock band from BC’s Fraser Valley who has been incredibly busy in 2011. With the release of their self-titled EP the band went on to play a solid string of almost 40 dates just short within their
If it’s true that there is nothing to fear but fear itself, than Fear Zero has taken its name wisely. “Fear Zero doesn’t mean fear,” insists leader Ed Sadler, “It’s sort
5440 are one of the most important popular music groups to emerge from the Canadian cultural landscape. With more than 2 decades of performing and recording behind them, the band has an unbelievable catalogue of hit songs. Lead by chief songwriter Neil
Founded by brothers Tommy Paul and Joey Paul with guitarist Thomas Morris, Foreign Influence started out almost 2 years ago playing covers of classic and hard rock tunes from the 70's,80's,and 90's. Since then they have gone through many
 In a wasteland of straight-up commercialist BS, it’s a ray of hop to see a band that fights a thinking man’s battle, and that does so with an incredible amount of musical firepower.   Funk
We're gearin up to do our full length album soon. Slated for release early next year. But you will all get a taste of the new stuff with a new track that we'll post mid october, so keep your eyes
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is our name (but for all you ladies...we love brunettes too) and we're a four piece hard rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia. We're just a bunch of regular dudes who love rocking music that will
Today's music fan is a conundrum.   While they want instant gratification, they also expect lasting results. Yet with the diminishing returns so many flavour-of-the-month bands provide, most music has bred a lack of faith on the listener's part. The
  Imagine the melodic feel of James Blunt, the poetic lyrics of John Mayer, and the edgy, raspiness of Bryan Adamʼs voice all rolled into one. Gord D Birtch is in the house!  Gord D is a singer/
“Exactly what do you mean by ‘guts’?”  “I mean, grace under pressure.”    Grace Under Pressure is a love affair between the raw energy of 80s rock and the clean sound of
Intently staying within the indie music scene for the past 6 years, Sczebel (pronounced “sa-bell”) has already achieved what many artists only dream of - a Juno Award, a Western Canadian Music Award and the honour of being named
  Handsome Distraction, a four-piece rock band from Victoria (BC), has taken a steady approach toward breaking into the rock music scene since the formation of the band in 2009. Representing the next “IT” sound, with an authentic and
It happens once in a blue moon, if you’re lucky. You stumble across a new artist – on MySpace, in a club, on the radio – and fall so quickly and madly in love, you want to stand
Heavy Indica began as a collaboration of two song writing guitarists: Wes Carroll and Luke Merkley. Along the way Ashton Bachman, Aaron Venton and Matt Noble joined. We continue to perfect our ever growing style. Harsh and brutal, yet succulent
Line up all the Idols   Who paint on phony smiles   Tryin’ to ride the fast track for free There’s been no free ride in Hedley’s steady climb to the top. Over four years,
Often described as one of Canada’s best up-and-coming acts, Hey Ocean! is a young band with a remarkable talent for blending various musical styles into a brand of infectious pop that is uniquely their own.   Superb vocals,
Hilary Grist is part cabaret torch singer, part thoughtful folk songwriter and part classical pianist. Drawing on her many influences she pens warm and playful folk-pop songs, her heart firmly planted on her sleeve...     
Dustin Hawthorne and Steve Bays had been in many different bands together since 1995 and met Hawley in 1998. In 1999, Hawley bought a Juno 6 keyboard  and asked Bays to try playing it, as no one else knew how. Hawley took over
Im full of it.... But Im just playing.. lots of front, lots of heart. I like passion, health, music, kung fu, philosophy, long boarding, cliff jumping, ladies, did I say music :) oh yeh... Money!!! The way I look at you
Immaculate Machine is an indie-rock band that lives on an island. In order to be able to travel freely to and from their geographically isolated homeland, they make rock albums. The newest of these is "High On Jackson Hill&
International Songwriting Competition winning hip hop group Indelible’s album Our Present Future is a must-have for those who love infectious beats and provocative rhymes. The Vancouver duo, made up of brothers J Thorn (vocals, keys, programming, production) and
Innertwine is a hard rock/ alternative rock band from Edmonton, Alberta. They were brought together by Bryan Scharf and Jared McAllister at a new years eve party in 2009, from then the two co-incided with jamming and practicing until the thought
 Over the last eight years, North Vancouver’s Innertwyne has gone through seemingly endless changes, which may explain why it’s incredibly difficult to categorize or label the band’s sound with any meaningful accuracy. Formed
In the Fall of 2006, Berk MacDonald (drummer), and Brett Nussbaum (bassist) decided to create an intense, groove oriented, hard hitting, modern rock band. It was immediately clear, Daryl Davidson,was the perfect guitarist to complete this enigmatic creation.............. A year
 Follow us on Twitter:!/inventdinosaur     Inventing the Dinosaur is a garage rock band hailing from Vancouver, B.C. The three piece delivers a unique spin on soft / loud explosive sounds and puts new
Jenny Galt has a striking presence. She has a natural radiance that comes effortlessly, her genuine smile only making her appeal all the more alluring. And when you see her on stage skillfully playing the piano or guitar, you instantly
It’s a hard slog to be a singer songwriter in this country, and harder still to be successful at it. Add to that an artist that favors unusual instrumentation like the mandolin and ukulele and prefers to tour
Jet Black   Hi ! I'm Jet Black and I come from the wonderful city of Vancouver. I am an indie pop musician and I have been recording and preforming for over a year now. Music means everything to me. It
Jet Black Stare's first debut album "In This Life" with Island/Def Jam featured the single “Ready to Roll” which peaked at 27 on Billboards Active Rock Charts and 3 on their heatseeking charts for bands to ’
Our band lives on a massive island that is pigment green with sharp grey mountains moving slowly and peninsula fingers stretching out and snagging the sea. The people in the band are all different heights and all have very different
    Inspired by artists such as Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen, Joe Turner has traveled back to his roots with his latest album titled Seven Songs of Sorrow. An album about loss, moving
David Pittet is one of the worlds leading, most convincing tribute artists in the music business. Most tribute bands consciously try to look, act and sound like their idols. Dave doesn’t have to try. A living prodigy to
Johnny Galactic is a three piece acoustic rock band from lower Vancouver Island.  Their music style is distinct yet dynamic; a coalescence of the timeless story telling of folk, the sunny strumming of eukeleles and acoustic guitars, the beats
Johnny Good draws a very thin line between folk and progressive rock. All the warmth and beauty from acoustic sound scapes, mixed with a structure of writing that is never one way or the other. Born and raised in British
Johnny Tango is the collaborative effort of four guys with wildly different tastes and ideas in music, and it is those differences that allow them to blend their creativity together to come up with a fresh, bold sound. Their self
 Jon and Roy went searching for something intangible on their fourth recording, Let it Go.   Suffice it to say, they found it.   Freedom — from artistic constraints, from audience expectations — became a recurring theme for the
"The Karuna Movement lays down a mix of funky reggae and soulful world grooves while coloring them with catchy melodies and deep lyrical content. Jon Bone delivers a captivating stage presence with a genuine and soulful voice that, reminiscent
Based out of Victoria, B.C.... In 2005, Jon recorded an independent release with former band-mate Roy Vizer entitled 'Sittin Back.'.. A year later, Jon released his second recording,..'After a Trip' .. a collection of songs written during and after
Jonah Hicks is quite the unique character ( he's been known for his antics). If you've met Jonah, you've probably already fallen in love with him. It's okay, don't panic, it happens to almost everyone. Jonah has also been known to
Jung People is an Instrumental Rock Duo based out of Calgary, Canada. Forming in late 2010 after founding members Octobuss (Guitar/FX/ETC) and Giordano W. Bassi (Drums/Samples/ETC) attended the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. They have been classified
In a very short time Karen-Lee Batten has gone from local BC talent to national notoriety, from her career break through on Canadian Idol to the release of her first CMT Independent Canadian video for “Hearts on The Run&
An old man who heard Katie Schaan singing in her mother's shopping cart as a toddler gave her $10 to put towards her music career, and she's been singing ever since. When a tiny cello was put into her three year
Whatever she is singing, Kelly Girvan's sexy breathy voice shines through as original.  A talented singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (she plays guitar, piano, and accordian) originally from Alberta, Kelly makes the Cowichan Valley her home.  Her original songs
A sound that slaps you in the face and drives it home from the first listen. Heavy and melodic guitar driven hard rock. Kill Star are currently working on their debut album, with a street date of late spring 2011. The
Kostaman Bio : Kostaman has performed solo acts, highly energized acts with his Good Vibrations Band and Dub acts with his Dub Squad Band for the past 6 years. His unique music is a creative mix of Rock, Experimental, World-Beat, Blues and
Canada’s latest edgy pop sensation, Kristen Karma, is bustin’ out into the pop/rock music scene with a vengeance. Utilizing simple, yet focused melodies combined with driving beats, she’s created a lush sonic sound that&
If rock ‘n’ roll was a fable, it would be Hansel And Gretel. For the past decade, the world’s most popular musical genre hasn’t been able to find the path of breadcrumbs it laid
The time is now for Kuba Oms, the Canadian singer who mines 70s-era soul, funk and rock n’ roll on his solo debut, How Much Time. As the long-time musical director of the live house jam band Velvet, he
The classic definition of the term MC is one that has the ability to grip a mic and control the crowd, and Kyprios has more than earned this title. He is a commanding presence on stage - able to hold
"whenever I think of Kytami I see her in a porche on Robson street or in Hobotown trying to run me down." -Kathleen Yearwood “Ordeal” "your face turned about 6 shades of green then you ripped
After starting out in the numerous clubs in Vancouver, Lance Lapointe climbed to the top of the the indie rock scene in 2009 with his debut album, Separate Ways. After touring and recording world wide, Lance chose to return to his
"I believe that love and understanding will right the wrongs in the world," says folk-rocker Leeroy Stagger, who certainly tries to convey the sentiment on his sixth album to date, Little Victories, set for immediate release on February 4, 2011.
 LIFTOFF  Vancouver, Canada.    Liftoff’s stadium sound, leaves fans wanting more with memorable songs from a first listen.  Having just shot their video for their leadoff single “The Best”, Liftoff has taken
Lindsay Ell   An exciting young artist defined by class and conviction, LINDSAY ELL delivers finely-crafted country/pop music that has won the respect of some of the industry’s biggest names and will thrill you with its energy
It is uncertain when the Revolution began but through flight and fury it will continue... At an early sneak performance, reviews described it as "A turn darker and allows the listener to be drenched in its colours and full
  Voted Best Local Band in the Westender’s 2011 Best of the City issue   99.3 The Fox Seeds Winners, 2011   “Louder Than Love is one of the most-acclaimed bands on the local indie scene, drawing praise all around,
Lucy Mistreated was formed when Singer/Songwriter Colby Kambietz (Nanaimo, B.C.) came to Duncan to record a couple of his songs at C-Mann studios during Christmas break 2010. After guitarist Colton Mann (Duncan, B.C.) added some guitar tracks, the
Luke Guthrie's music is influenced by his experiences growing up as a rural kid and learning about his roots. A potent blend of independent rural music tinged with electricity provides the backdrop for Luke's lyrical wanderings. Guthrie's songs are filled
It takes some real cojones to include the word 'Masterpiece' in your album title, but Josh Ramsay isn't too worried. "I suppose I could be digging myself into a hole calling the record Masterpiece Theatre," he chuckles, "
Let’s clear something up. Technically Mat is not an Alien. He grew up not too far from Manchester (u.k.) and moved to Canada in the mid 90’s to follow his snowboarding addiction which he stumbled upon
Was she born with it? From an early age, Lara Matiation was a multi-instrumentalist. She began showcasing her talents by writing for local stage productions and collaborating with fellow musicians in the studio and on stage.    During her
Consistent, honest and forthright about everything from life to music, Matthew Good is one of few Canadian musicians that requires no introduction. In 2007, that candidness revealed itself as Hospital Music, an album dedicated to the ordeal Good was thrust into
Maurice began in Victoria, British Columbia in parent's basements, community halls, and the bars of Vancouver Island. The young members crafted memorable pop songs mixed with humour, heartbreak, and references to their Western Canadian landscape. These songs caught the ear
Melodic Blue was formed in March of 2008, when Lead Singer Jamie Nicholson and Bassist Steve McCarthy were presented with the opportunity to write a few tracks for an independent film. The duo jumped at the opportunity and began writing and
 Mia Moth is Kara Fraser ( vocals/lyrics ) and Allan Rodger ( music ). Formed in Vancouver in 2009 when Rodger heard Fraser sing at an open mike.They produced their first E.P. "my territory" in 2010, recorded at the band's
Midnight Famous is a high energy, alternative rock band from the small town of Kelowna, British Columbia. In 1999, vocalist/bassist Jared Jackson and guitarist Dustin Walsh came together with three other former members to create a band. They started out
   In the music of Mike Edel, listeners are gently brought into contact with what it means to be a human being. Born in rural Canada with a constantly reflective mind, adventurous spirit, and compassionate heart, his honest lyrics
The Mindil Beach Markets   Explosive, dynamic, and original, Mindil Beach Markets has discovered a blistering fusion of Rock, Reggae, Hip Hop, Folk, Funk, and Blues that is entirely their own. Their songs will leave you awash in awareness and
Moss Rock has this raw sound that will keep you wanting more.  The songs are high energy and will keep the dance floor moving.  The band was at one point a 4 piece which can be heard through songs
Vancouver Canada’s Mother Mother are generating much recognition with their original approach to modern pop/rock music; a beautifully bent portrait of vocal harmony, clever, offbeat lyricism, and dynamic instrumentation. Their sound is best encapsulated on their sophomore
"Her debut EP 'Wait And See What Happens', is a combination of catchy retro-pop and soulful ballads that burst with emotion... She has a voice that is just as comfortable roaring like an alt-rock lioness as it does purring
Nat Jay took her first steps in her parents’ music school and continues to land on her feet in the world of music today. Her songs have been placed on networks around the world, including ABC, MTV, Nickelodeon, CBC,
  Her passion for music and writing original songs is what fuels this young singer. This young songwriter, Nicole Johnson, has been writing and playing guitar since the age of 16 and has brought her originals to the stage. After moving
Ninjaspy arose with the dawn of the year of six, embodied by the Triad in Blood: Vocalist/Guitarist Joel Parent, Drummer Adam Parent and Bassist Tim Parent. Rising above the mire of their faceless six year muse, they have focused
In 1987, four highly individual Vancouver musicians put together a guitar-based, power pop strike force to write catchy melodic songs built on crunchy rock guitars, full-voiced harmonies and walloping drums. Original members Doug Elliott, Craig Northey, Steven Drake and Paul Brennan
Omega Crom features progressive power metal, and elements of aggressive death and thrash. Diverse vocals range from screeching falsettos, Mid Range to hardcore death vocals. Shredding solos, anthemic harmonies, and crushing rhythm guitar range from old school speed thrash to 18
In the Summer of 2010 we began jamming in our haven. The Barn; Located at 79th Avenue and Glover Road in rural Langley, was where we met for the first time as a band. Since then we have been working hard
Pedwell is an alternative-rock act focusing on bringing powerful arena rock to a singer/songwriter setting. Spanning the spectrum from post-grunge to pop-punk, Pedwell delivers thoughtful originals through catchy hooks, clever guitar work, and a sense of humor.     &
The 'project' Pentacaust formed back in spring 2008 where Nyck and James wanted to start a metal band. Both had been wanting to get into that vein of music for sometime and decided to really give it a shot. Starting under
  About Prairie Dance Club Prairie Dance Club is a blend of alternative rock Canadiana with heavy sonic undertones. Since their formation in the fall of 2007 they have landed gigs with established and up and coming Canadian artists such as
Formed in the spring of 2008, Quoia {Kwoi - a} is a collective of musicians currently residing on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Known for their high-energy liveshow and uplifting grooves, this genre-hopping group is swiftly attracting new fans of all ages.
Rabbit is a Canadian alternative rock band formed in 2005 in Victoria, British Columbia. Their debut EP "List of Secrets" has been described as Foo Fighters meets The Police. The band consists of Kris Degaust (lead vocals and guitar),
There are certain forces in this universe that simply cannot be stopped or contained. Reaver, much like the destructive and undeniable power of a hurricane, is one of these forces. Formed during the year 2007 in Victoria, British Columbia, Reaver have
Redbird is the new musical project of singer-songwriter Savannah Leigh Wellman. After leading the local indie-pop group The Savannah Leigh Band for several years, life began to lead the musical partners and friends in new directions, leaving the front woman
Rock, Reggae, Pop and Ska... Redeye Empire blends the best elements of the Chili Peppers, 311, Zepplin and Sublime. Killer musicians with a wicked vibe. Keep an eye out for Redeye as they embark on their next major tour in support
River was formed in late 2009 by founding members Sam Weber and Liam Moes with the intentions of becoming a blues trio. They soon started working on originals. Not long after, guitarist Sandy Hughes joined the ranks and they played some
Rocky Mountain Rebel Music throws down the new funky reggae sound!   The band from Victoria BC started in the summer of 2008 and has evolved to include 10 musicians from across Canada. This diverse collective talent accounts for the band's high
Root System is a tri-nations band consisting of members from Canada, Australia, and Hawaii. Singer /Song writer Chris Mapstone (Canada) has been playing the guitar and writing lyrics for 11 years. As a world traveller Chris’s songs have been
"Put the Past in a Flask and Drink It”.  The album that lets you start over.  Put the past in a flask… and drink it.   Then wake up in the morning with the hangover
Said The Whale formed in 2007 as a collaboration between songwriters Ben Worcester and Tyler Bancroft. The pair's debut EP, Taking Abalonia, featured sunny west coast indie pop, with breezy harmonies, shimmering guitars, and lyrical tributes to their home city of
Sarah Beth Keeley   Calgary Singer/Songwriter, Sarah Beth Keeley has constantly evolved as an artist fully immersed in her love of music, and one with the ability to increasingly bring her songwriting to fruition. As well, she performs with
After recording there debut album, Always.Never, Vancouver based six-man pulsating music machine known as SAVENONE, is ready to take on the world one city at a time. They are like nuclear power, built around a nucleus of hard bass
Sea-Sekshun started out as an Idea without a name back in the month of July between members Ryan Girard (drummer) and Jake Sunstrum (Lead Guitar/Vocals) but several months of nothing made it seem like nothing would happen when a
Chances are, if you've had a radio on today you've heard his guitar playing. As one of North America's go-to guitarists, Sean has played and recorded with Sarah McLachlan, Delerium, Wild Strawberries, Ginger ( a side project of 3 members of the
Formed in the spring of 2010 after an exhaustive and lengthy search for a bassist, Secondhand Habit has been turning heads and raising hell everywhere they go. Comprised of 4 mentally sound musicians from the island of the beast (Victoria, BC) their
Swelling in primordial pulses and wholloping whoops, the tacit tones of Shane Philip's didgeridoo hold the power to still listeners into silence or encourage audiences to rise up in a tribal swell of intoxicating spirit -- with sometimes but a
      At  22, Sheena Marie can twiddle her life down to two things: her love of music and her love of people.  Performing since her highschool days, Sheena Marie began writing songs at 14 and it was only
Shelby started off like so many other child performers do. At eight years old talent shows and contests were the usual events to be found. Shelby won or placed well in some and didn't in others. One thing was always
Silence Theory is an Experimental/Progressive Metalcore Band hailing from Port Alberni, British Columbia. Formed Originally as Dexedrin, in 2005 by Guitarist, Steven Bekker and Drummer, Josh Spencer. Also brought in was long time friend and Bassist, Russel Walton. They started
Been doing it for years as STICK MONKEY and SINMOBILE --first in Winnipeg, then East Vancouver, and now we're ripping off the faces of our quiet Sunshine Coast Community of Halfmoon Bay!!! I've played with all kinds of great musicians
Sirreal is an original hip hop artist bringing hard hitting beats and lyrical talent to every performance. As an entertainer Sirreal knows how much hard work and dedication it takes to be one on Vancouver Islands' best. Born in Comox,
Original Celtic Rock influenced by Irish Folk, Led Zeppelin, U2 and Muse. 2 generations from 2 continents. Picture the Partridge Family with violin, distorted guitar, talent and an accent. HISTORY Skellig was formed in South Africa after Chris and Lisa moved to
SHORT BIO : The SOME x 6 Band was officially born during the summer of 2002 at Nat Bailey Stadium, Vancouver BC. Brad Curtis, Murray Mclaughlan, and Sandy Stewart, had just finished playing a Senior Men's Baseball game at the historic Nat Bailey
    We started as a 5 piece in late 09 under the name Hartless. but since then have had a few lineup changes and now we go by Sons of Nova.     As Hartless we were the 2009 Cambie
Sound and Science was formed in late 2006 when Lead Vocalist and pianist Rob Wilkinson (formerly from Duncan’s ‘Enseven’) and guitarist Malcom Owen-Flood (currently in metal act ‘Messiahs In Fiction’) met through acquaintances and began
Soundstem is about to break the mold for bands on the Vancouver music scene. Armed with both a crushing live show and a kick-ass debut album recorded at Ear Art Studios with producer Tim Neuhaus, the band has it's sights
In 1983 Geoffrey Kelly, John Mann and J. Knutson began a group they called "Evesdropper". The trio played neighbourhood pubs for very small amounts of money. Oft-times they'd be shunted-off into a corner to suffer and sweat through
SPUD is an alternative rock band from Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia. The band was the deformed brainchild of best friends singer/guitarist Brock Meades, and bassist Ethan Hatch. Sitting in Social Studies class talking about rock and roll and satan (
  “Turn up the Marshall Stacks and Never Turn Your Back on Rock & Roll”- not only the lyrics to Stampede Queen’s hugely successful and best known anthem, it loudly and proudly declares who
Biography:   State Of Shock has taken a slow and steady approach to its career over the years, but momentum picked up dramatically in 2007 and moves have been made to take the Vancouver band from a Canadian success story to
I'm a Canadian singer, songwriter, producer and performer   I play guitar, piano and the nose flute.   I reside in Vancouver, BC and would like to conquer the world.   Teenager, small town, broken family, mixed heritage, creative, sing,
  Step Back Dave bring an honest and ambitious voice to the Island's Leftcoast Ska/Reggae influenced scene. Nick & Dan have been playing together since they were kids and we joined by Ethan in time to begin recording their
Genre: Bass loops, Vocal, percussion    Step Twelve is a project started and sustained by singer/songwriter André Chamberlain. André's main focus and passion is for his bass guitar which he has been playing for over 14
    “This gifted Victoria native has been on the bubble for a few years now; in the eyes of many, it's only a matter of time until she breaks.” Mike Devlin, Times Colonist, Victoria - June 7, 2011  
It’s been a long road leading up to the release of “Everything You Don’t Have”, the debut release from West Coast pop-rock band Stereoplane. Recording began in the summer of 2007 with producers John Webster
Stone Vaughn Toole is a trio that sounds much larger. Delivering a strong beat and a fiery edge, SVT combines the driving guitars and rhythms from the 'classic' days of rock, with the sensibilities and quirky offshoots of a more
Submerge The Sky is a six piece band hailing from the industrial wasteland of Edmonton Alberta. Founded by members Abel black and Chris scouten, STS was started with the intent of creating a band that was capable of breaking out
Sunday Buckets is a, for lack of a better word, "rock" band from Victoria BC, Canada. Formed in April of 2006 they are on a quest to be funkier than most.  
Sunhawk It's a simple formula: Two zealous song writers plus one exuberant drummer. The result: an aura of swooning melodies, driving rhythms, and explosive riffs. SUNHAWK was born in a heat-exhausted haze, under the shade of a tailgated Nissan Pathfinder,
"It's been a crazy few years for not only me, but also Swollen. I was in a very bad state for the last three years; drugs and an abusive lifestyle had gotten the best of me. I was severely
Emerging from the sleepy oceanfront city of Victoria on the West Coast of British Columbia, SYN{A}PSE is a band hell bent on sharing their music with the world. Using a variety of musical backgrounds to their advantage, the
Téa is a Vancouver based singer/ pianist/ songwriter who fuses elements of R&B, Soul, and Pop music into her own brand of “City Soul”. Drawing inspiration from diverse artists like Sade, Amy Winehouse, and
Since releasing her debut CD, "At My Table" in July of '06, T. Nile has toured her "unique and heartfelt sonic textures" through Canada, The USA, Germany, Denmark, France, Holland, and Belgium to packed houses and
Born in Calgary, Tegan and Sara began their musical path in 1995 and at the age of 26 have released 6 albums. Tegan currently resides in Vancouver, BC and Sara resides in Montreal, QC. Tegan and Sara released their sixth studio album Sainthood
The Accidentz are a Canadian rock band that formed in Shawnigan Lake in 2008. The group was formed when Jordan Brockhurst (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Cam Jervis (lead guitar), began an acoustic project where they opened for local bands, and played
  Canada's Freddie Mojallal, better known under the moniker The Autumn Portrait, is making waves all across the nation. Known for packing venues from Victoria to Halifax and back, TAP is just getting started.   The Autumn Portrait has recently
With Massimo Sabatini on vocals, Brent Grassie on guitar, Sean Lofvendahl on bass and Anthony Tam on drums, there is no denying that this band creates a purely original and energetic sound. The BaDD HaBBiT’s are a band
The Body Politic is a Vancouver Island-based band specializing in an accessible blend of metal and progressive rock. Starting with the name Valhalla, the band quickly began writing original material, and won the 2007 GotPop Battle of the Bands while all
Hidden within the quaint houses of Steveston, British Columbia, The Chase have been brewing a new brand of loud, potent rock & roll. Only recently has the band emerged from the suburbs to show off their super-sonic force within the
Fresh off a restructure as a huge four piece rock outfit, The Day He Quit is backed by four years of hard work and a lifetime of friendship. They play music they love, and they destroy all boundaries placed before
We formed in 2006 as Tork for one show only. Wrote four songs in 6 weeks. Played the show. Scratched that itch. The End. (So we thought) Everyone was in other bands or projects at the time, but we kept coming back
An instrumental outfit based out of Beautiful British Columbia, Canada, The Faze Project consists of a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer, a shitload of electronics, and as much groove and musicality as we can muster. 
ESTABLISHED 2010. Born of the dark cold nights, we are The Fight. I found my brothers at different times. There’s Paul (Todd Andrews) with always-rosy cheeks, running his fingers up and down the bass. Like a heartbeat skipping, he
The Fury, hailing from Vancouver BC, is a female fronted rock group new to the indie scene. Each member of the band has a diverse musical background ranging from training in Classical Music to RnB and Ska. Their Metal, Rock
Brothers Tom and Chris Hooper met Kevin Kane in 1977 during their teens in Kelowna, British Columbia. Their first band was a punk combo called Kill Pigs which played faster than the singer could sing. From there, Kane and the Hoopers
The Hallows formed in March 2011…vocalist Chelsea… formerly of Haddonfield (victoria/psychobilly)… and guitarist Kelly D got together to write a couple of songs which quickly turned into 6… then came along zombie survival specialist and stand-up
  Life is full of fleeting moments, and in each moment, the dichotomy of our greatest hopes and worst fears for any given situation pass through our minds. With music and lyrics, The June Fiasco aim to grab those snapshots
What is the sound of a West Coast party? Start with a big dose of hard-charging ska with a heavy horn section; add a blitz of punk rock; the sun-smoked groove of reggae; and dashes of hip hop, funk, jazz,
After moving back home to the Fraser Valley from Calgary, and having already previously released a solo acoustic/folk EP, Social Juggernaut, singer/songwriter Jason Sylvester wanted to expand his musical endeavours, and began searching for other likeminded musicians to
DISCORDER MAGAZINE, 2010 Review for "The Laundronauts Come Clean" (Spincycle Records) by Douglas Mackenzie: "Imagine, if you will, standing on a black background, three men in spotless white suits, eyes round and black in white-rimmed sunglasses, faces forbiddingly
This is the story of THE LEFT, hailing from Langley, a vibrant community located in southwest BC that borders the USA. These Langleroos have been working together trying to write hit music since 2002. As you might imagine, they have tons
The culmination of years of musical dedication and experience has manifested itself into the soulful, feel good sound of The Midnight Hours. Catchy melodies and sticky rhythms poured into great song writing has inspired a unique blend of Blues, Rock,
Shortly before The Mother Tongue Band was formed, there were discussions amongst some of those that would eventually become members of The Mother Tongue Band, discussions pertaining to the process of creating and performing music, specifically, what types of people
What are The New Colors? You probably don't remember the first time you experienced red. But rest assured, it was a glorious and monumental moment. Not long after the threshold of your existence, something somewhere caught your eye and instantly
|The|Niche| are a Canadian Sonic Rock band formed in the Fall of 2010 and founded by (former members of Kick the Ashes) vocalist/songwriter Gabriel Savage, guitarist Ryley Kirkpatrick, and drummer Mario Beer.  The band started out as just
Formed in 2006, Nanaimo's The Perfect Trend is one of Canada's hardest working independent bands. With the belief in building a dedicated fanbase from the bottom up, the band has spent the last two years touring from British Columbia to Manitoba,
The Post War is an Alternative Rock quartet based out of Vancouver, Canada. Singer / Guitarist, Erik Scott, has toured alongside artists such as Metric, David Sinclair (Sarah McLachlan), Bif Naked, Matthew Good, as well as having performed dates on the
  What happens when a group of talented musicians of all different genres come together to create one sound? You get The Proper Villains.    The Proper Villains are a fresh young group with incredible talent in the Vancouver,
A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE REAL MCKENZIES Paul McKenzie claims he had a epiphany when he was subjected to an Andy Stewart record which was playing in one room, and intertwining with the vulgarity of a Sex Pistols album emerging
Started in 2008, Rekkening has been an ever evolving beast with Lead singer Tracey Shane refining her song writing, vocals and music. Along side her is GoReDzilla (Bass / Engineer / Producer). The bands first Demo "Best Served Cold" has received
    We formed just a few months ago out of the Cowichan Valley, The Royal Canadians are an indie rock band consisting of Connor Head (16) on vocals and guitar and Taylor Allum (17) on percussion and back up vocals.  &
Blending straight up rock 'n roll with a hint of blues, a catchy beat, and their own modern twist, The Shrugs have created music that people of all generations and musical taste can appreciate and enjoy. Having been together for
Garth has played in/fronted Heavy Rock bands since the age of 14. In the late 1990s, he gained international notoriety as lead vocalist in the band Flybanger, landing a deal with Columbia and touring North America relentlessly. While playing the
The Veer Union are set to release their highly anticipated sophomore CD “Divide the Blackened Sky” this spring. Which was all self produced, written and recorded by the band themselves. The Veer Union made their mark in 2009 with
Theo Massop is a west coast Canadian singer songwriter whose musical journey has taken him from church choirs to dance halls, night clubs, festivals and concert venues. His previous album "Voyager" gained him three charting singles in Canada,
There's an old axiom in music that says you have your whole life to make your first record and under a year to make your second. This spells disaster for the many bands that return from touring, find themselves with
In the relative isolation of northern BC small town life, Theresa Pasaluko has spent many hours in solitude, singing, playing guitar and writing songs that reflect on life and its various casualties, complications and accomplishments. Stirring up an audience of
Throat Poets are a hard rock trio from Vancouver Island Canada, who have been laying down their own brand of heavy melodic grooves since 2009. They have been spreading their "poetry" locally and abroad with their high energy live
TOMMY ALTO is the driving force behind the Canadian Pop-Rock Revolution.  Renowned for his spellbinding stage presence and powerful, dynamic voice, TOMMY ALTO exists to provide the people with infectious, feel-good Pop-Rock tunes, mixed with his finely-crafted, R&
TRAIL OF ASH   When all you do is burn, you leave such a putrid trail of ash....   The words ring true with compositions defying depression and enlightenment, seizing the emotions you always want to express while holding fear
Born in Winnipeg Manitoba, in 1987, Trevor Davies has spent his entire life as an independent musician on Vancouver Island. Largely self-taught on guitar and vocals, he fronted a rock band at fourteen which performed some original material and performed near
For the founding members of Vancouver’s instrumental prog-rock outfit Trophy Wife, the quality of their music was never in doubt in their minds, but doubters and naysayers have dogged them from nearly the beginning. As an instrumental band
Formed in 2007,  Unicron started of as a experimental rock band, and over the years as our musical styles and tastes have changed and developed, so has our style of music. Bringing you a metal/death/pop/...core sound that
Unleash The Archers is a five piece metal band currently hailing out of Vancouver BC.  Formed in late 2007, the band is heavily influenced by all metal genres, and incorporates elements of power metal, melodic death metal, thrash and metalcore
Vince Vaccaro In March of 2005, Vince Vaccaro traded his luck for a plane ticket to Australia with no real intention of returning home. Unsure of his direction or future destination he was out looking for something, and found it in
The VonBones are a female fronted,  Alternative punk/metal band out of Victoria, BC, Canada. They started playing shows the summer of 2009, and have recorded a EP that was released in May 2010. They started out being labeled as a
Formed in 2005 out of a small Vancouver suburb  Previous EP and album release under a different name A descision to make more impactful music Self recorded, self pressed EP Acclaim in Vancouver Media Intense, full throttle live show Going
Canadian singer-songwriter Winston doesn’t take any shortcuts with his debut solo album, Limited. Recording the six-song EP on vintage analogue gear, Winston self-produced the new album without using any digital devices -- no computers, no Pro Tools, not
The first beginnings of the Vancouver band known as Winter of Freedom began back in the summer of 2007. Jay Craig, also nik named by his friends as Jay Moon, created Winter of Freedom with the intention of combining music and
Wontanara Drum & Dance, led by Master dancer and choreographer Mohamed Andre Duranteau, is a performance troupe and school based out of Victoria, BC, that specializes in sharing and teaching traditional dances, rhythms and songs mainly originating from Guinea, West
Armed with a collection of songs written in the back of the van, in venue parking lots and an icebox of a rehearsal space, Yukon Blonde went into the studio in the summer of 2009 to record their first album- which
Zoe Lauckner is a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter born and raised in the beautiful Cowichan Valley. She grew up surrounded by all things musical and began piano lessons at a young age. With her passion growing quickly, she soon picked