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It’s a rare and fine thing when a new voice arrives, fully-realized, on the music scene. From the first note of Aaron Cadwaladr’s folk-roots infused debut releaseWade Through the Dark, it’s evident that this
In the title track from Acres Of Lions debut record, entitled "Working", singer-guitarist Jeff Kalesnikoff shouts the words of an anthem that captures the very sentiment of the band's work ethic: "Work hard, make your body sting.
The "LIVE LOVE SONGS" CD will be out this year before summer...a unplugged & live album... but Adam James grew up on the Island right on the Nanaimo river on 85 acres then moved to Vancouver ,only to
In the spring of 2007, a rock reunion of epic proportions took place in the southern California desert. It was the momentary reuniting of Rage Against The Machine that caused two rockoholics from Vancouver Island to randomly and repeatedly cross paths.
Afterglow is a rock band from Nanaimo, B.C, made up of two brothers; Adam Podritske, (Guitars/Vocals), Aron Podritske, (Drums), and Dave Buchanan (Bass). In the summer of 2010 afterglow launched, this is where the band connects
  I grew up in the coatracks of my parents second-hand store in Victoria, BC. After stints in church choirs, hardcore drumming, and commercial dishwashing, I started carefully piecing together my first collection of songs with my friend and producer,
AMORTALS have been born, and currently reside in Victoria, B.C. They have shaken off the cocoon, and are now ready to ride the wave of the coming superhero evolution. Capes and tights are optional.*** With determinedly optimistic lyrics climbing
Andrea Ramolo has been praised for her unabashed approach to songwriting, her commitment to storytelling, and the raw, honest, and captivating presence she brings to her live performance. October 2008 marked the release of Andrea's debut album "Thank You For
Angel Down was formed originally in 2007 with current drummer LT playing the bass.  They went through a few drummers and the band eventually went on hiatus.  Guitar players Joel and Gordie continued to play acoustic shows and write
A band is like a person - the more you get to know it, the deeper it becomes. When Armchair Cynics released the Killing the Romance EP in 2005, the Victoria-based four piece established itself as a sturdy modern rock outfit
Atlas Collapses is a melodic rock band from Vancouver Island. Although the group has only officially existed for two years, they have been making music together since elementary school. The trio consists of guitarist David Sponaugle, percussionist Booth White and
Atomis [ATOM-iss] is a post-rock/experimental outfit with a siamese twist. Incorporating elements of sludge and shoegaze, each song is carefully crafted to express concern over the state of our current social norms.