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In the winter of 2008, for two night’s running, Daniel Wesley mounted the stage before a sold out crowd at Vancouver’s 1000 capacity Commodore Ballroom. The venerable concert hall has seen its share of local artists, but Wesley&
Data Romance exist to serve your ears and eyes.  -We are Ajay and Amy.  -We used to be called Names.  -Now we're called Data Romance.  -We're from Vancouver. -We formed in 2009. -We love you for coming
Dead Eyes Open Melding progressive hard rock with an epic tale to create a concept album armed to the teeth with metallic riffs, haunting acoustic passages and memorable hooks.   Apocalypse through the eyes of... "An apocalyptic saga that
After several Years of touring in rock bands, Debra took a break from the music industry and eventually, re-emerged as a solo Artist around the year 2000. She played many open mics and went on to perform many local shows, fundraiser's
Deckard Cain formed eons ago of Craig, Tony, Alex, and Max. Whilst in Valhalla on a road trip stumbled up Travis via the list of Craig. These 5 men descended down unto Victoria to form a band the likes of which
DEFAULT TO RELEASE BRAND NEW ALBUM “COMES AND GOES” ON CAPITOL RECORDS SEPTEMBER 29, 2009 First Single ‘All Over Me” Soars To #10 At Rock Radio In 2 Weeks Comes and Goes, the fourth album from platinum rock band Default,
Delhi 2 Dublin continues to break the mold with the release of its new genre-busting album, Planet Electric, on May 4th. It’s as if the band has been sent on a mission to further spread their sound across the
Destineak formed in 2004, after falling in love at a gig. Admittedly, Bobby and Christina moved a little fast. Within moments they had kissed. After only an hour they witnessed one another shred on stage. By the end of the night
With close to 40 years of experience combined, the members of DGRADE have strived to write and play music as a way of life. With so much passion, as to fulfill themselves as individuals, the strict sense of showcasing their music
Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Diamond Dancer is comprised of long-time friends and lovers who have traded in their dysfunctional hardcore punk rock past for twinkly guitar hooks and heartfelt vocals.    The band encapsulates a throwback indie, '90
DIRTY AUDIO MACHINE Sex, Controversy, Alcoholic Fueled Porno Rock… Dirty Audio Machine has all bases covered, Oh less we forget, a Female singer at the helm!! Take all that we know about our Stereotypical male, self indulged Rock Bands,