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We're gearin up to do our full length album soon. Slated for release early next year. But you will all get a taste of the new stuff with a new track that we'll post mid october, so keep your eyes
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is our name (but for all you ladies...we love brunettes too) and we're a four piece hard rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia. We're just a bunch of regular dudes who love rocking music that will
Today's music fan is a conundrum.   While they want instant gratification, they also expect lasting results. Yet with the diminishing returns so many flavour-of-the-month bands provide, most music has bred a lack of faith on the listener's part. The
  Imagine the melodic feel of James Blunt, the poetic lyrics of John Mayer, and the edgy, raspiness of Bryan Adamʼs voice all rolled into one. Gord D Birtch is in the house!  Gord D is a singer/
“Exactly what do you mean by ‘guts’?”  “I mean, grace under pressure.”    Grace Under Pressure is a love affair between the raw energy of 80s rock and the clean sound of
Intently staying within the indie music scene for the past 6 years, Sczebel (pronounced “sa-bell”) has already achieved what many artists only dream of - a Juno Award, a Western Canadian Music Award and the honour of being named