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Im full of it.... But Im just playing.. lots of front, lots of heart. I like passion, health, music, kung fu, philosophy, long boarding, cliff jumping, ladies, did I say music :) oh yeh... Money!!! The way I look at you
Immaculate Machine is an indie-rock band that lives on an island. In order to be able to travel freely to and from their geographically isolated homeland, they make rock albums. The newest of these is "High On Jackson Hill&
International Songwriting Competition winning hip hop group Indelible’s album Our Present Future is a must-have for those who love infectious beats and provocative rhymes. The Vancouver duo, made up of brothers J Thorn (vocals, keys, programming, production) and
Innertwine is a hard rock/ alternative rock band from Edmonton, Alberta. They were brought together by Bryan Scharf and Jared McAllister at a new years eve party in 2009, from then the two co-incided with jamming and practicing until the thought
 Over the last eight years, North Vancouver’s Innertwyne has gone through seemingly endless changes, which may explain why it’s incredibly difficult to categorize or label the band’s sound with any meaningful accuracy. Formed
In the Fall of 2006, Berk MacDonald (drummer), and Brett Nussbaum (bassist) decided to create an intense, groove oriented, hard hitting, modern rock band. It was immediately clear, Daryl Davidson,was the perfect guitarist to complete this enigmatic creation.............. A year
 Follow us on Twitter:!/inventdinosaur     Inventing the Dinosaur is a garage rock band hailing from Vancouver, B.C. The three piece delivers a unique spin on soft / loud explosive sounds and puts new