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Jenny Galt has a striking presence. She has a natural radiance that comes effortlessly, her genuine smile only making her appeal all the more alluring. And when you see her on stage skillfully playing the piano or guitar, you instantly
It’s a hard slog to be a singer songwriter in this country, and harder still to be successful at it. Add to that an artist that favors unusual instrumentation like the mandolin and ukulele and prefers to tour
Jet Black   Hi ! I'm Jet Black and I come from the wonderful city of Vancouver. I am an indie pop musician and I have been recording and preforming for over a year now. Music means everything to me. It
Jet Black Stare's first debut album "In This Life" with Island/Def Jam featured the single “Ready to Roll” which peaked at 27 on Billboards Active Rock Charts and 3 on their heatseeking charts for bands to ’
Our band lives on a massive island that is pigment green with sharp grey mountains moving slowly and peninsula fingers stretching out and snagging the sea. The people in the band are all different heights and all have very different
    Inspired by artists such as Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen, Joe Turner has traveled back to his roots with his latest album titled Seven Songs of Sorrow. An album about loss, moving
David Pittet is one of the worlds leading, most convincing tribute artists in the music business. Most tribute bands consciously try to look, act and sound like their idols. Dave doesn’t have to try. A living prodigy to
Johnny Galactic is a three piece acoustic rock band from lower Vancouver Island.  Their music style is distinct yet dynamic; a coalescence of the timeless story telling of folk, the sunny strumming of eukeleles and acoustic guitars, the beats
Johnny Good draws a very thin line between folk and progressive rock. All the warmth and beauty from acoustic sound scapes, mixed with a structure of writing that is never one way or the other. Born and raised in British
Johnny Tango is the collaborative effort of four guys with wildly different tastes and ideas in music, and it is those differences that allow them to blend their creativity together to come up with a fresh, bold sound. Their self
 Jon and Roy went searching for something intangible on their fourth recording, Let it Go.   Suffice it to say, they found it.   Freedom — from artistic constraints, from audience expectations — became a recurring theme for the
"The Karuna Movement lays down a mix of funky reggae and soulful world grooves while coloring them with catchy melodies and deep lyrical content. Jon Bone delivers a captivating stage presence with a genuine and soulful voice that, reminiscent
Based out of Victoria, B.C.... In 2005, Jon recorded an independent release with former band-mate Roy Vizer entitled 'Sittin Back.'.. A year later, Jon released his second recording,..'After a Trip' .. a collection of songs written during and after
Jonah Hicks is quite the unique character ( he's been known for his antics). If you've met Jonah, you've probably already fallen in love with him. It's okay, don't panic, it happens to almost everyone. Jonah has also been known to
Jung People is an Instrumental Rock Duo based out of Calgary, Canada. Forming in late 2010 after founding members Octobuss (Guitar/FX/ETC) and Giordano W. Bassi (Drums/Samples/ETC) attended the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. They have been classified