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It takes some real cojones to include the word 'Masterpiece' in your album title, but Josh Ramsay isn't too worried. "I suppose I could be digging myself into a hole calling the record Masterpiece Theatre," he chuckles, "
Let’s clear something up. Technically Mat is not an Alien. He grew up not too far from Manchester (u.k.) and moved to Canada in the mid 90’s to follow his snowboarding addiction which he stumbled upon
Was she born with it? From an early age, Lara Matiation was a multi-instrumentalist. She began showcasing her talents by writing for local stage productions and collaborating with fellow musicians in the studio and on stage.    During her
Consistent, honest and forthright about everything from life to music, Matthew Good is one of few Canadian musicians that requires no introduction. In 2007, that candidness revealed itself as Hospital Music, an album dedicated to the ordeal Good was thrust into
Maurice began in Victoria, British Columbia in parent's basements, community halls, and the bars of Vancouver Island. The young members crafted memorable pop songs mixed with humour, heartbreak, and references to their Western Canadian landscape. These songs caught the ear
Melodic Blue was formed in March of 2008, when Lead Singer Jamie Nicholson and Bassist Steve McCarthy were presented with the opportunity to write a few tracks for an independent film. The duo jumped at the opportunity and began writing and
 Mia Moth is Kara Fraser ( vocals/lyrics ) and Allan Rodger ( music ). Formed in Vancouver in 2009 when Rodger heard Fraser sing at an open mike.They produced their first E.P. "my territory" in 2010, recorded at the band's
Midnight Famous is a high energy, alternative rock band from the small town of Kelowna, British Columbia. In 1999, vocalist/bassist Jared Jackson and guitarist Dustin Walsh came together with three other former members to create a band. They started out
   In the music of Mike Edel, listeners are gently brought into contact with what it means to be a human being. Born in rural Canada with a constantly reflective mind, adventurous spirit, and compassionate heart, his honest lyrics
The Mindil Beach Markets   Explosive, dynamic, and original, Mindil Beach Markets has discovered a blistering fusion of Rock, Reggae, Hip Hop, Folk, Funk, and Blues that is entirely their own. Their songs will leave you awash in awareness and
Moss Rock has this raw sound that will keep you wanting more.  The songs are high energy and will keep the dance floor moving.  The band was at one point a 4 piece which can be heard through songs
Vancouver Canada’s Mother Mother are generating much recognition with their original approach to modern pop/rock music; a beautifully bent portrait of vocal harmony, clever, offbeat lyricism, and dynamic instrumentation. Their sound is best encapsulated on their sophomore