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"jitterbug" LIVE mia moth
"gimme sumthin 4 the pain" mia moth LIVE
"crazytown"  LIVE  mia moth
"on the count of 3"   LIVE  mia moth
"not like this all the time" mia moth LIVE
"sunny at night"    mia moth LIVE
"fuk U"   mia moth LIVE
"you've been served"  mia moth LIVE
 Mia Moth is Kara Fraser ( vocals/lyrics ) and Allan Rodger ( music ). Formed in Vancouver in 2009 when Rodger heard Fraser sing at an open mike.They produced their first E.P. "my territory" in 2010, recorded at the band's studio. Allan plays all the instruments but the duo adds bass and drums when it performs. Their first few shows gained these reviews...

"She kicks off her set with energy and enthusiasm, and the most amazing thing about her full set is that she maintains the same level of energy through the entire evening.Her cutesy voice and petite frame belie her tough-as-nails lyrics and bad-girl attitude. What I admire the most is her stamina as she jumps and high-kicks around the stage for close to an hour. This is the kind of energy I expect from Emily Haines of Metric. Lyrics surprisingly clear, badass ball of energy that just kept going and going. Move over, Energizer Bunny! If you’re looking for a unique set of music and incredible amounts of energy, Mia Moth is your girl"
"Mia has an interesting voice to say the least and a personality that was brighter than the lights. She had so much spunk it was hard to resist her seductive glare, and as she pranced from one end to the other, my eyes followed her every move. She has a little Tegan and Sara in her, as well as a touch of some Courtney Love crazy (the good kind of crazy that is).Mia was a joy to watch. Her loveable stage act was fun and entertaining and left me wanting more". 

-- RON CHENG /Ronatron 

"You'll notice the band's sense of drama. Something explosive is always threatening. There is a little punk-like plaintiveness in the lyrics offset by some exotic songs." *B* rating

-- TOM HARRISON/The Province

"Led by Kara Fraser, an obvious centrepiece of a lead singer, no one’s stealing this kid’s spotlight—the quartet came out and rocked" . 
--SHAWN CONNER/Guttersnipe News

"The band started with a high energy, and never looked back. I don't think I saw the lead singer standing still for more than 5 seconds at a time; she had a crazy energy to her, as she seductively stalked the stage."
-- KIRK / 3AM Revelations

June 2010 the band played a series dates in New York at venues including The Bitter End and Arlene's Grocery.