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"Her debut EP 'Wait And See What Happens', is a combination of catchy retro-pop and soulful ballads that burst with emotion... She has a voice that is just as comfortable roaring like an alt-rock lioness as it does purring
Nat Jay took her first steps in her parents’ music school and continues to land on her feet in the world of music today. Her songs have been placed on networks around the world, including ABC, MTV, Nickelodeon, CBC,
  Her passion for music and writing original songs is what fuels this young singer. This young songwriter, Nicole Johnson, has been writing and playing guitar since the age of 16 and has brought her originals to the stage. After moving
Ninjaspy arose with the dawn of the year of six, embodied by the Triad in Blood: Vocalist/Guitarist Joel Parent, Drummer Adam Parent and Bassist Tim Parent. Rising above the mire of their faceless six year muse, they have focused