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Rabbit is a Canadian alternative rock band formed in 2005 in Victoria, British Columbia. Their debut EP "List of Secrets" has been described as Foo Fighters meets The Police. The band consists of Kris Degaust (lead vocals and guitar),
There are certain forces in this universe that simply cannot be stopped or contained. Reaver, much like the destructive and undeniable power of a hurricane, is one of these forces. Formed during the year 2007 in Victoria, British Columbia, Reaver have
Redbird is the new musical project of singer-songwriter Savannah Leigh Wellman. After leading the local indie-pop group The Savannah Leigh Band for several years, life began to lead the musical partners and friends in new directions, leaving the front woman
Rock, Reggae, Pop and Ska... Redeye Empire blends the best elements of the Chili Peppers, 311, Zepplin and Sublime. Killer musicians with a wicked vibe. Keep an eye out for Redeye as they embark on their next major tour in support
River was formed in late 2009 by founding members Sam Weber and Liam Moes with the intentions of becoming a blues trio. They soon started working on originals. Not long after, guitarist Sandy Hughes joined the ranks and they played some
Rocky Mountain Rebel Music throws down the new funky reggae sound!   The band from Victoria BC started in the summer of 2008 and has evolved to include 10 musicians from across Canada. This diverse collective talent accounts for the band's high
Root System is a tri-nations band consisting of members from Canada, Australia, and Hawaii. Singer /Song writer Chris Mapstone (Canada) has been playing the guitar and writing lyrics for 11 years. As a world traveller Chris’s songs have been
"Put the Past in a Flask and Drink It”.  The album that lets you start over.  Put the past in a flask… and drink it.   Then wake up in the morning with the hangover