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Said The Whale formed in 2007 as a collaboration between songwriters Ben Worcester and Tyler Bancroft. The pair's debut EP, Taking Abalonia, featured sunny west coast indie pop, with breezy harmonies, shimmering guitars, and lyrical tributes to their home city of
Sarah Beth Keeley   Calgary Singer/Songwriter, Sarah Beth Keeley has constantly evolved as an artist fully immersed in her love of music, and one with the ability to increasingly bring her songwriting to fruition. As well, she performs with
After recording there debut album, Always.Never, Vancouver based six-man pulsating music machine known as SAVENONE, is ready to take on the world one city at a time. They are like nuclear power, built around a nucleus of hard bass
Sea-Sekshun started out as an Idea without a name back in the month of July between members Ryan Girard (drummer) and Jake Sunstrum (Lead Guitar/Vocals) but several months of nothing made it seem like nothing would happen when a
Chances are, if you've had a radio on today you've heard his guitar playing. As one of North America's go-to guitarists, Sean has played and recorded with Sarah McLachlan, Delerium, Wild Strawberries, Ginger ( a side project of 3 members of the
Formed in the spring of 2010 after an exhaustive and lengthy search for a bassist, Secondhand Habit has been turning heads and raising hell everywhere they go. Comprised of 4 mentally sound musicians from the island of the beast (Victoria, BC) their
Swelling in primordial pulses and wholloping whoops, the tacit tones of Shane Philip's didgeridoo hold the power to still listeners into silence or encourage audiences to rise up in a tribal swell of intoxicating spirit -- with sometimes but a
      At  22, Sheena Marie can twiddle her life down to two things: her love of music and her love of people.  Performing since her highschool days, Sheena Marie began writing songs at 14 and it was only
Shelby started off like so many other child performers do. At eight years old talent shows and contests were the usual events to be found. Shelby won or placed well in some and didn't in others. One thing was always
Silence Theory is an Experimental/Progressive Metalcore Band hailing from Port Alberni, British Columbia. Formed Originally as Dexedrin, in 2005 by Guitarist, Steven Bekker and Drummer, Josh Spencer. Also brought in was long time friend and Bassist, Russel Walton. They started
Been doing it for years as STICK MONKEY and SINMOBILE --first in Winnipeg, then East Vancouver, and now we're ripping off the faces of our quiet Sunshine Coast Community of Halfmoon Bay!!! I've played with all kinds of great musicians
Sirreal is an original hip hop artist bringing hard hitting beats and lyrical talent to every performance. As an entertainer Sirreal knows how much hard work and dedication it takes to be one on Vancouver Islands' best. Born in Comox,
Original Celtic Rock influenced by Irish Folk, Led Zeppelin, U2 and Muse. 2 generations from 2 continents. Picture the Partridge Family with violin, distorted guitar, talent and an accent. HISTORY Skellig was formed in South Africa after Chris and Lisa moved to
SHORT BIO : The SOME x 6 Band was officially born during the summer of 2002 at Nat Bailey Stadium, Vancouver BC. Brad Curtis, Murray Mclaughlan, and Sandy Stewart, had just finished playing a Senior Men's Baseball game at the historic Nat Bailey
    We started as a 5 piece in late 09 under the name Hartless. but since then have had a few lineup changes and now we go by Sons of Nova.     As Hartless we were the 2009 Cambie
Sound and Science was formed in late 2006 when Lead Vocalist and pianist Rob Wilkinson (formerly from Duncan’s ‘Enseven’) and guitarist Malcom Owen-Flood (currently in metal act ‘Messiahs In Fiction’) met through acquaintances and began
Soundstem is about to break the mold for bands on the Vancouver music scene. Armed with both a crushing live show and a kick-ass debut album recorded at Ear Art Studios with producer Tim Neuhaus, the band has it's sights
In 1983 Geoffrey Kelly, John Mann and J. Knutson began a group they called "Evesdropper". The trio played neighbourhood pubs for very small amounts of money. Oft-times they'd be shunted-off into a corner to suffer and sweat through
SPUD is an alternative rock band from Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia. The band was the deformed brainchild of best friends singer/guitarist Brock Meades, and bassist Ethan Hatch. Sitting in Social Studies class talking about rock and roll and satan (
  “Turn up the Marshall Stacks and Never Turn Your Back on Rock & Roll”- not only the lyrics to Stampede Queen’s hugely successful and best known anthem, it loudly and proudly declares who
Biography:   State Of Shock has taken a slow and steady approach to its career over the years, but momentum picked up dramatically in 2007 and moves have been made to take the Vancouver band from a Canadian success story to
I'm a Canadian singer, songwriter, producer and performer   I play guitar, piano and the nose flute.   I reside in Vancouver, BC and would like to conquer the world.   Teenager, small town, broken family, mixed heritage, creative, sing,
  Step Back Dave bring an honest and ambitious voice to the Island's Leftcoast Ska/Reggae influenced scene. Nick & Dan have been playing together since they were kids and we joined by Ethan in time to begin recording their
Genre: Bass loops, Vocal, percussion    Step Twelve is a project started and sustained by singer/songwriter André Chamberlain. André's main focus and passion is for his bass guitar which he has been playing for over 14
    “This gifted Victoria native has been on the bubble for a few years now; in the eyes of many, it's only a matter of time until she breaks.” Mike Devlin, Times Colonist, Victoria - June 7, 2011  
It’s been a long road leading up to the release of “Everything You Don’t Have”, the debut release from West Coast pop-rock band Stereoplane. Recording began in the summer of 2007 with producers John Webster
Stone Vaughn Toole is a trio that sounds much larger. Delivering a strong beat and a fiery edge, SVT combines the driving guitars and rhythms from the 'classic' days of rock, with the sensibilities and quirky offshoots of a more
Submerge The Sky is a six piece band hailing from the industrial wasteland of Edmonton Alberta. Founded by members Abel black and Chris scouten, STS was started with the intent of creating a band that was capable of breaking out
Sunday Buckets is a, for lack of a better word, "rock" band from Victoria BC, Canada. Formed in April of 2006 they are on a quest to be funkier than most.  
Sunhawk It's a simple formula: Two zealous song writers plus one exuberant drummer. The result: an aura of swooning melodies, driving rhythms, and explosive riffs. SUNHAWK was born in a heat-exhausted haze, under the shade of a tailgated Nissan Pathfinder,
"It's been a crazy few years for not only me, but also Swollen. I was in a very bad state for the last three years; drugs and an abusive lifestyle had gotten the best of me. I was severely
Emerging from the sleepy oceanfront city of Victoria on the West Coast of British Columbia, SYN{A}PSE is a band hell bent on sharing their music with the world. Using a variety of musical backgrounds to their advantage, the