The June Fiasco

The June Fiasco

Band Members:

Andrew Spark (Vocals/Guitar)


Damian Anthony (Lead Guitar)


Steve Williams (Bass)


RJ Fraser (Drums)












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The June Fiasco: "This is Your Life" HD 1080p Music Video
The June Fiasco - This Is Your Life
The June Fiasco - To The End
The June Fiasco - Me


Life is full of fleeting moments, and in each moment, the dichotomy of our greatest hopes and worst fears for any given situation pass through our minds. With music and lyrics, The June Fiasco aim to grab those snapshots in time and uncover emotions by exploring these feelings, while capturing the ups and downs of life and exposing them in a positive light. 


The June Fiasco is a dynamic blend of melodious and captivating, in-your-face rock.

Singer Andrew Spark’s voice forges delicate melodies through an intricately layered mass of face-melting guitars, sonically satisfying bass lines and crashing drum beats. Formed appropriately in June 2010, The Vancouver Island-based Canadian five-piece comprised of singer/guitarist Andrew Spark, guitarists Jeff Richardson and Damian Anthony, bassist Steve Williams and drummer RJ Fraser create melodic rock inspired by the likes of Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Seether and Alter Bridge.


The ornate craftsmanship of their songs adds to the appeal of The June Fiasco’s live show. Their high-energy stage presence keeps audiences astounded from beginning to end. The band’s first single ‘This Is Your Life’ is in rotation on several commercial radio stations in Canada and the US and their debut music video for the single has been placed into rotation on the MuchLoud television channel in Canada. 

The June Fiasco was selected as the Band of the Month for March on Victoria modern rock radio station 91.3 The Zone FM. They have been enjoying heavy rotation airplay on the station raising their profile in the West Coast market. The band will be taking their music on the road in 2012 with several major festival appearances scheduled in both Canada and the US. Members of The June Fiasco have previously shared the stage alongside bands like Staind, Seether, Presidents of the United States of America, Big Wreck, The Odds, Feeder, Evans Blue and Matthew Good Band.  

“‘This Is Your Life’ definitely has radio potential with its anthematic chorus. It bounces through the ears and you will find yourself tapping along. This should be a hit for The June Fiasco.” –  DT Jackson, Church Parka Music Blog


“‘To The End’ is yet another radio smash. Just listening to these songs makes me realize it won’t be long until these guys are making splashes across Canada. It has all the right chemistry.” – DT Jackson, Church Parka Music Blog


“The June Fiasco’s lyrics are full of positive messages that are inspirational and at times quite profound.” – Amy Smart, Victoria Times Colonist