Vince Vaccaro

Vince Vaccaro

Band Members:

 Vince Vaccaro - Vocals, guitar        
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Vince Vaccaro - The Golden Sky
Vince Vaccaro - Left Alone
Vince Vaccaro at Sugar Nightclub: Catch a Fire
Vince Vaccaro - Gypsy Son
Vince Vaccaro - Got to be Going Somewhere
Vince Vaccaro - End of the Road
Vince Vaccaro - Costa Rica
Vince Vaccaro - Little Candle
Vince Vaccaro - Just Like Winter
Vince Vaccaro, Silence In The Tree's
Ryan Adams-So Alive (Vince Vaccaro)
Vince Vaccaro at Sugar Night Club: Redemption Song
Vince Vaccaro -Ohio- cover Folkfest 2006
Vince Vaccaro at Lucky: Catch a Fire
Vince Vaccaro - Costa Rica (Live in Nanaimo BC)
Vince Vaccaro - Left Alone (Acoustic)
Vince Vaccaro - Catch A Fire - Peak Performance Project -.mp4
Vince Vaccaro-Heart & Hands
Vince Vaccaro - Costa Rica (acoustic)
naked.jams session.009 track.04 vince vaccaro - under the golden sky
naked.jams session.009 track.01 vince vaccaro - untitled
naked.jams session.009 track.03 vince vaccaro - gypsy son
Vince Vaccaro

In March of 2005, Vince Vaccaro traded his luck for a plane ticket to Australia with no real intention of returning home. Unsure of his direction or future destination he was out looking for something, and found it in the streets of Byron Bay.  It could have been anywhere in the world, but the inspiration and fire came back so strong, that three short months after landing in Australia, Vince came home with new songs, ready to push ahead harder than ever. He self released an EP in December of 2005 and was immediately featured as 91.3 FM The Zone’s band of the month in January of 2006.  Vince went back into the studio in 2008 to record a full length album released in March of 2009.  Produced by 5440 front man Neil Osborne, the full length record is backed by a trusted and traditional rock sound in the vein of Tom Petty, Pearl Jam and Ryan Adams.

With a band at the ready, Vince often chose to perform solo, with only a guitar to lean on, exposing the heart of his lyrics and melodies.  “Playing live is always a different deal for me. Sometimes I have a band, and sometimes its just me and a guitar- I don't know what I like best, but its so good to have my friends up there with me. The songs are the same either way, I guess its like two separate colors.” Victoria BC's Vince Vaccaro has been capturing the ears and hearts of many, with performances at CMW 2009 and 2010, New York's famous Mercury Lounge, JunoFest, The Artist Sanctuary, West Coast Rock Fest, The Commodore Ballroom, Big Time Out, Rifflandia Festival, and playing with artists including Matt Mays, Lights, Mishka, The Arkells, Daniel Wesley, Jon and Roy, as well as a short tour with Bedouin Soundclash.

 Vince Vaccaro West Coast Rock Fest 2010