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In the spring of 2007, a rock reunion of epic proportions took place in the southern California desert. It was the momentary reuniting of Rage Against The Machine that caused two rockoholics from Vancouver Island to randomly and repeatedly cross paths.
You don’t always know where the road will take you. This is certainly true of Ben Sigston. An ex-Canadian National Team cyclist, Ben turned to music after a university athletic scholarship went awry. Growing up in North Vancouver,
After only mere seconds of this contagious structure of sound, Brandon Mason will have you reciting, word for word, his entire library. Influenced by the old days of Motown, Mason knows the recipe for a catchy, melody driven hit song.
Ferocity, passion, melody, beauty, grit – all delivered by the hands and feet of 2 people. Two people on a mission to destroy musical barriers, preconceptions and all that is mundane. Not metal enough to be metal and too metal to
    It’s been a long time coming, but Vancouver Island musician Christopher Arruda has decided to make a stand on his own. Having spent his late teens and early twenties fronting popular funk-rock band "The
Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Diamond Dancer is comprised of long-time friends and lovers who have traded in their dysfunctional hardcore punk rock past for twinkly guitar hooks and heartfelt vocals.    The band encapsulates a throwback indie, '90
Johnny Galactic is a three piece acoustic rock band from lower Vancouver Island.  Their music style is distinct yet dynamic; a coalescence of the timeless story telling of folk, the sunny strumming of eukeleles and acoustic guitars, the beats
Consistent, honest and forthright about everything from life to music, Matthew Good is one of few Canadian musicians that requires no introduction. In 2007, that candidness revealed itself as Hospital Music, an album dedicated to the ordeal Good was thrust into
Vancouver Canada’s Mother Mother are generating much recognition with their original approach to modern pop/rock music; a beautifully bent portrait of vocal harmony, clever, offbeat lyricism, and dynamic instrumentation. Their sound is best encapsulated on their sophomore
Nat Jay took her first steps in her parents’ music school and continues to land on her feet in the world of music today. Her songs have been placed on networks around the world, including ABC, MTV, Nickelodeon, CBC,
Redbird is the new musical project of singer-songwriter Savannah Leigh Wellman. After leading the local indie-pop group The Savannah Leigh Band for several years, life began to lead the musical partners and friends in new directions, leaving the front woman
River was formed in late 2009 by founding members Sam Weber and Liam Moes with the intentions of becoming a blues trio. They soon started working on originals. Not long after, guitarist Sandy Hughes joined the ranks and they played some
"Put the Past in a Flask and Drink It”.  The album that lets you start over.  Put the past in a flask… and drink it.   Then wake up in the morning with the hangover
Original Celtic Rock influenced by Irish Folk, Led Zeppelin, U2 and Muse. 2 generations from 2 continents. Picture the Partridge Family with violin, distorted guitar, talent and an accent. HISTORY Skellig was formed in South Africa after Chris and Lisa moved to
Sound and Science was formed in late 2006 when Lead Vocalist and pianist Rob Wilkinson (formerly from Duncan’s ‘Enseven’) and guitarist Malcom Owen-Flood (currently in metal act ‘Messiahs In Fiction’) met through acquaintances and began
Born in Calgary, Tegan and Sara began their musical path in 1995 and at the age of 26 have released 6 albums. Tegan currently resides in Vancouver, BC and Sara resides in Montreal, QC. Tegan and Sara released their sixth studio album Sainthood
What is the sound of a West Coast party? Start with a big dose of hard-charging ska with a heavy horn section; add a blitz of punk rock; the sun-smoked groove of reggae; and dashes of hip hop, funk, jazz,
What are The New Colors? You probably don't remember the first time you experienced red. But rest assured, it was a glorious and monumental moment. Not long after the threshold of your existence, something somewhere caught your eye and instantly
Canadian singer-songwriter Winston doesn’t take any shortcuts with his debut solo album, Limited. Recording the six-song EP on vintage analogue gear, Winston self-produced the new album without using any digital devices -- no computers, no Pro Tools, not
Zoe Lauckner is a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter born and raised in the beautiful Cowichan Valley. She grew up surrounded by all things musical and began piano lessons at a young age. With her passion growing quickly, she soon picked