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  The love child of two private school teenagers, Bif was born in New Delhi, India in 1971. She was adopted by American missionaries who moved her to Minneapolis, and Lexington, Kentucky, ultimately winding up in Winnipeg, Manitoba.   It was
Bohdi was formed in early 2009 in Edmonton, AB, Canada and performed regularly in Edmonton until mid 2010 when the band relocated to Nanaimo, BC, Canada, to be in close proximity of Canada’s music capital, Vancouver. The band entered the
DIRTY AUDIO MACHINE Sex, Controversy, Alcoholic Fueled Porno Rock… Dirty Audio Machine has all bases covered, Oh less we forget, a Female singer at the helm!! Take all that we know about our Stereotypical male, self indulged Rock Bands,
“Rock needs to re-invent itself and be more experimental. We’re trying to push boundaries and use all the technology we have to make great records, while still staying traditional enough to be a rock band.” Trevor
 Over the last eight years, North Vancouver’s Innertwyne has gone through seemingly endless changes, which may explain why it’s incredibly difficult to categorize or label the band’s sound with any meaningful accuracy. Formed
It is uncertain when the Revolution began but through flight and fury it will continue... At an early sneak performance, reviews described it as "A turn darker and allows the listener to be drenched in its colours and full
After recording there debut album, Always.Never, Vancouver based six-man pulsating music machine known as SAVENONE, is ready to take on the world one city at a time. They are like nuclear power, built around a nucleus of hard bass
Soundstem is about to break the mold for bands on the Vancouver music scene. Armed with both a crushing live show and a kick-ass debut album recorded at Ear Art Studios with producer Tim Neuhaus, the band has it's sights
  “Turn up the Marshall Stacks and Never Turn Your Back on Rock & Roll”- not only the lyrics to Stampede Queen’s hugely successful and best known anthem, it loudly and proudly declares who
The Hallows formed in March 2011…vocalist Chelsea… formerly of Haddonfield (victoria/psychobilly)… and guitarist Kelly D got together to write a couple of songs which quickly turned into 6… then came along zombie survival specialist and stand-up