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          "Chaplyn gives an explosive performance, the female front of the band shows real showmanship. I have never seen someone move so deftly between cables. The songs are fast paced, funky and soulful. An indie
Eliza Smith is becoming one of the hottest hip-hop and R&B phenomena on the west coast and will no doubt be taking Canada by storm very soon. This 21-year-old, who grew up off the coast of B.C.
International Songwriting Competition winning hip hop group Indelible’s album Our Present Future is a must-have for those who love infectious beats and provocative rhymes. The Vancouver duo, made up of brothers J Thorn (vocals, keys, programming, production) and
Let’s clear something up. Technically Mat is not an Alien. He grew up not too far from Manchester (u.k.) and moved to Canada in the mid 90’s to follow his snowboarding addiction which he stumbled upon
  What happens when a group of talented musicians of all different genres come together to create one sound? You get The Proper Villains.    The Proper Villains are a fresh young group with incredible talent in the Vancouver,