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  I grew up in the coatracks of my parents second-hand store in Victoria, BC. After stints in church choirs, hardcore drumming, and commercial dishwashing, I started carefully piecing together my first collection of songs with my friend and producer,
Andrea Ramolo has been praised for her unabashed approach to songwriting, her commitment to storytelling, and the raw, honest, and captivating presence she brings to her live performance. October 2008 marked the release of Andrea's debut album "Thank You For
Bodhi Jones spent his early years with his mother and sister on Saltspring Island. He aectionately refers to it as a "1980's hippie paradise” and says spending his childhood there was an "amazingly magical experience".
Carly Rae Jepsen knew she was pushing her luck as Canadian Idol 2007 rolled on - choosing songs that were a nightmare in terms of clearance, like Rickie Lee Jones’ “Chuck E’s In Love”, and then
Bio: Cindy Lou Potter is making a big name for herself. Starting at a young age playing piano and competing in local singing and choir competitions, Cindy has been involved with the entertainment and music industry her entire life. Her
Cruel Young Heart, hailing from Vancouver, BC was officially formed in February 2010, and has recently come out of the legendary Mushroom Studio with their self titled EP. This project is written and produced by singer James Blackmon, engineered and produced
Data Romance exist to serve your ears and eyes.  -We are Ajay and Amy.  -We used to be called Names.  -Now we're called Data Romance.  -We're from Vancouver. -We formed in 2009. -We love you for coming
Intently staying within the indie music scene for the past 6 years, Sczebel (pronounced “sa-bell”) has already achieved what many artists only dream of - a Juno Award, a Western Canadian Music Award and the honour of being named
It happens once in a blue moon, if you’re lucky. You stumble across a new artist – on MySpace, in a club, on the radio – and fall so quickly and madly in love, you want to stand
Often described as one of Canada’s best up-and-coming acts, Hey Ocean! is a young band with a remarkable talent for blending various musical styles into a brand of infectious pop that is uniquely their own.   Superb vocals,
Hilary Grist is part cabaret torch singer, part thoughtful folk songwriter and part classical pianist. Drawing on her many influences she pens warm and playful folk-pop songs, her heart firmly planted on her sleeve...     
Jenny Galt has a striking presence. She has a natural radiance that comes effortlessly, her genuine smile only making her appeal all the more alluring. And when you see her on stage skillfully playing the piano or guitar, you instantly
Jet Black   Hi ! I'm Jet Black and I come from the wonderful city of Vancouver. I am an indie pop musician and I have been recording and preforming for over a year now. Music means everything to me. It
An old man who heard Katie Schaan singing in her mother's shopping cart as a toddler gave her $10 to put towards her music career, and she's been singing ever since. When a tiny cello was put into her three year
Canada’s latest edgy pop sensation, Kristen Karma, is bustin’ out into the pop/rock music scene with a vengeance. Utilizing simple, yet focused melodies combined with driving beats, she’s created a lush sonic sound that&
Was she born with it? From an early age, Lara Matiation was a multi-instrumentalist. She began showcasing her talents by writing for local stage productions and collaborating with fellow musicians in the studio and on stage.    During her
"Her debut EP 'Wait And See What Happens', is a combination of catchy retro-pop and soulful ballads that burst with emotion... She has a voice that is just as comfortable roaring like an alt-rock lioness as it does purring
Shelby started off like so many other child performers do. At eight years old talent shows and contests were the usual events to be found. Shelby won or placed well in some and didn't in others. One thing was always
    “This gifted Victoria native has been on the bubble for a few years now; in the eyes of many, it's only a matter of time until she breaks.” Mike Devlin, Times Colonist, Victoria - June 7, 2011  
Sunhawk It's a simple formula: Two zealous song writers plus one exuberant drummer. The result: an aura of swooning melodies, driving rhythms, and explosive riffs. SUNHAWK was born in a heat-exhausted haze, under the shade of a tailgated Nissan Pathfinder,
Téa is a Vancouver based singer/ pianist/ songwriter who fuses elements of R&B, Soul, and Pop music into her own brand of “City Soul”. Drawing inspiration from diverse artists like Sade, Amy Winehouse, and
DISCORDER MAGAZINE, 2010 Review for "The Laundronauts Come Clean" (Spincycle Records) by Douglas Mackenzie: "Imagine, if you will, standing on a black background, three men in spotless white suits, eyes round and black in white-rimmed sunglasses, faces forbiddingly
In the relative isolation of northern BC small town life, Theresa Pasaluko has spent many hours in solitude, singing, playing guitar and writing songs that reflect on life and its various casualties, complications and accomplishments. Stirring up an audience of
Born in Winnipeg Manitoba, in 1987, Trevor Davies has spent his entire life as an independent musician on Vancouver Island. Largely self-taught on guitar and vocals, he fronted a rock band at fourteen which performed some original material and performed near