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Atomis [ATOM-iss] is a post-rock/experimental outfit with a siamese twist. Incorporating elements of sludge and shoegaze, each song is carefully crafted to express concern over the state of our current social norms.  
Chron Goblin was formed in early 2009 by guitarist Devin “Darty” Purdy, vocalist Josh Sandulak, and drummer Brett Whittingham with the intention of creating some dynamic and unique rock tunes based in the traditions of early heavy metal and
Jung People is an Instrumental Rock Duo based out of Calgary, Canada. Forming in late 2010 after founding members Octobuss (Guitar/FX/ETC) and Giordano W. Bassi (Drums/Samples/ETC) attended the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. They have been classified
Lindsay Ell   An exciting young artist defined by class and conviction, LINDSAY ELL delivers finely-crafted country/pop music that has won the respect of some of the industry’s biggest names and will thrill you with its energy
Sarah Beth Keeley   Calgary Singer/Songwriter, Sarah Beth Keeley has constantly evolved as an artist fully immersed in her love of music, and one with the ability to increasingly bring her songwriting to fruition. As well, she performs with