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In the title track from Acres Of Lions debut record, entitled "Working", singer-guitarist Jeff Kalesnikoff shouts the words of an anthem that captures the very sentiment of the band's work ethic: "Work hard, make your body sting.
In the spring of 2007, a rock reunion of epic proportions took place in the southern California desert. It was the momentary reuniting of Rage Against The Machine that caused two rockoholics from Vancouver Island to randomly and repeatedly cross paths.
  I grew up in the coatracks of my parents second-hand store in Victoria, BC. After stints in church choirs, hardcore drumming, and commercial dishwashing, I started carefully piecing together my first collection of songs with my friend and producer,
AMORTALS have been born, and currently reside in Victoria, B.C. They have shaken off the cocoon, and are now ready to ride the wave of the coming superhero evolution. Capes and tights are optional.*** With determinedly optimistic lyrics climbing
A band is like a person - the more you get to know it, the deeper it becomes. When Armchair Cynics released the Killing the Romance EP in 2005, the Victoria-based four piece established itself as a sturdy modern rock outfit
Bells & Cannons was nothing but a name, some songs and a glimmer in one woman's eye last year and many have been shocked by the speed with which the band has moved forward and carved their own musical niche.
Catalyzed by a cocktail of American powerhouse alternative, Trans-Atlantic hard rock and deep, dirty groove, Black Hat Villain has done the impossible and captured lightning in a bottle. Summoning the authenticity and unapologetic honesty of vintage rock & roll, the
"Call Security!" is a rock/hardcore band that was born on the historic date of January 28th, 2010. It was once written in the stone that four ordinary youths, each from a different educational clan, would meet and create
Crash was formed in early 2008 by Mackenzie Barry (drums) and Yukon Deighton (guitar & vocals), with Luke Ishizaki on bass. Ishizaki quit the band after a couple months and was immediately replaced by Yukon's sister, Catalina Deighton. Yukon had been
Current Swell, a band based in Victoria BC, is in the foreground of the “new roots” music front pushing out of Canada’s west coast. The band has been around for a few years getting their early
Deckard Cain formed eons ago of Craig, Tony, Alex, and Max. Whilst in Valhalla on a road trip stumbled up Travis via the list of Craig. These 5 men descended down unto Victoria to form a band the likes of which
There’s a storm coming, it’s the war! Electric Empress has just finished putting the final touches on their debut EP titled The War, which will be released in October 2011.  The Electric Empress is one high
 Everyone Everywhere is a high energy, fully independent pop-punk band from Victoria, BC. Formed in summer 2008, they wasted little time getting started. It was less than two weeks after forming the band that they hit the studio to write
 In a wasteland of straight-up commercialist BS, it’s a ray of hop to see a band that fights a thinking man’s battle, and that does so with an incredible amount of musical firepower.   Funk
  Handsome Distraction, a four-piece rock band from Victoria (BC), has taken a steady approach toward breaking into the rock music scene since the formation of the band in 2009. Representing the next “IT” sound, with an authentic and
Heavy Indica began as a collaboration of two song writing guitarists: Wes Carroll and Luke Merkley. Along the way Ashton Bachman, Aaron Venton and Matt Noble joined. We continue to perfect our ever growing style. Harsh and brutal, yet succulent
Immaculate Machine is an indie-rock band that lives on an island. In order to be able to travel freely to and from their geographically isolated homeland, they make rock albums. The newest of these is "High On Jackson Hill&
Our band lives on a massive island that is pigment green with sharp grey mountains moving slowly and peninsula fingers stretching out and snagging the sea. The people in the band are all different heights and all have very different
Johnny Galactic is a three piece acoustic rock band from lower Vancouver Island.  Their music style is distinct yet dynamic; a coalescence of the timeless story telling of folk, the sunny strumming of eukeleles and acoustic guitars, the beats
Johnny Tango is the collaborative effort of four guys with wildly different tastes and ideas in music, and it is those differences that allow them to blend their creativity together to come up with a fresh, bold sound. Their self
 Jon and Roy went searching for something intangible on their fourth recording, Let it Go.   Suffice it to say, they found it.   Freedom — from artistic constraints, from audience expectations — became a recurring theme for the
Based out of Victoria, B.C.... In 2005, Jon recorded an independent release with former band-mate Roy Vizer entitled 'Sittin Back.'.. A year later, Jon released his second recording,..'After a Trip' .. a collection of songs written during and after
An old man who heard Katie Schaan singing in her mother's shopping cart as a toddler gave her $10 to put towards her music career, and she's been singing ever since. When a tiny cello was put into her three year
A sound that slaps you in the face and drives it home from the first listen. Heavy and melodic guitar driven hard rock. Kill Star are currently working on their debut album, with a street date of late spring 2011. The
The time is now for Kuba Oms, the Canadian singer who mines 70s-era soul, funk and rock n’ roll on his solo debut, How Much Time. As the long-time musical director of the live house jam band Velvet, he
"whenever I think of Kytami I see her in a porche on Robson street or in Hobotown trying to run me down." -Kathleen Yearwood “Ordeal” "your face turned about 6 shades of green then you ripped
Maurice began in Victoria, British Columbia in parent's basements, community halls, and the bars of Vancouver Island. The young members crafted memorable pop songs mixed with humour, heartbreak, and references to their Western Canadian landscape. These songs caught the ear
   In the music of Mike Edel, listeners are gently brought into contact with what it means to be a human being. Born in rural Canada with a constantly reflective mind, adventurous spirit, and compassionate heart, his honest lyrics
The Mindil Beach Markets   Explosive, dynamic, and original, Mindil Beach Markets has discovered a blistering fusion of Rock, Reggae, Hip Hop, Folk, Funk, and Blues that is entirely their own. Their songs will leave you awash in awareness and
Moss Rock has this raw sound that will keep you wanting more.  The songs are high energy and will keep the dance floor moving.  The band was at one point a 4 piece which can be heard through songs
Formed in the spring of 2008, Quoia {Kwoi - a} is a collective of musicians currently residing on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Known for their high-energy liveshow and uplifting grooves, this genre-hopping group is swiftly attracting new fans of all ages.
Rabbit is a Canadian alternative rock band formed in 2005 in Victoria, British Columbia. Their debut EP "List of Secrets" has been described as Foo Fighters meets The Police. The band consists of Kris Degaust (lead vocals and guitar),
There are certain forces in this universe that simply cannot be stopped or contained. Reaver, much like the destructive and undeniable power of a hurricane, is one of these forces. Formed during the year 2007 in Victoria, British Columbia, Reaver have
River was formed in late 2009 by founding members Sam Weber and Liam Moes with the intentions of becoming a blues trio. They soon started working on originals. Not long after, guitarist Sandy Hughes joined the ranks and they played some
Rocky Mountain Rebel Music throws down the new funky reggae sound!   The band from Victoria BC started in the summer of 2008 and has evolved to include 10 musicians from across Canada. This diverse collective talent accounts for the band's high
Sea-Sekshun started out as an Idea without a name back in the month of July between members Ryan Girard (drummer) and Jake Sunstrum (Lead Guitar/Vocals) but several months of nothing made it seem like nothing would happen when a
Formed in the spring of 2010 after an exhaustive and lengthy search for a bassist, Secondhand Habit has been turning heads and raising hell everywhere they go. Comprised of 4 mentally sound musicians from the island of the beast (Victoria, BC) their
    We started as a 5 piece in late 09 under the name Hartless. but since then have had a few lineup changes and now we go by Sons of Nova.     As Hartless we were the 2009 Cambie
SPUD is an alternative rock band from Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia. The band was the deformed brainchild of best friends singer/guitarist Brock Meades, and bassist Ethan Hatch. Sitting in Social Studies class talking about rock and roll and satan (
  Step Back Dave bring an honest and ambitious voice to the Island's Leftcoast Ska/Reggae influenced scene. Nick & Dan have been playing together since they were kids and we joined by Ethan in time to begin recording their
Sunhawk It's a simple formula: Two zealous song writers plus one exuberant drummer. The result: an aura of swooning melodies, driving rhythms, and explosive riffs. SUNHAWK was born in a heat-exhausted haze, under the shade of a tailgated Nissan Pathfinder,
Emerging from the sleepy oceanfront city of Victoria on the West Coast of British Columbia, SYN{A}PSE is a band hell bent on sharing their music with the world. Using a variety of musical backgrounds to their advantage, the
The Hallows formed in March 2011…vocalist Chelsea… formerly of Haddonfield (victoria/psychobilly)… and guitarist Kelly D got together to write a couple of songs which quickly turned into 6… then came along zombie survival specialist and stand-up
  Life is full of fleeting moments, and in each moment, the dichotomy of our greatest hopes and worst fears for any given situation pass through our minds. With music and lyrics, The June Fiasco aim to grab those snapshots
What are The New Colors? You probably don't remember the first time you experienced red. But rest assured, it was a glorious and monumental moment. Not long after the threshold of your existence, something somewhere caught your eye and instantly
Formed in 2007,  Unicron started of as a experimental rock band, and over the years as our musical styles and tastes have changed and developed, so has our style of music. Bringing you a metal/death/pop/...core sound that
Unleash The Archers is a five piece metal band currently hailing out of Vancouver BC.  Formed in late 2007, the band is heavily influenced by all metal genres, and incorporates elements of power metal, melodic death metal, thrash and metalcore
Vince Vaccaro In March of 2005, Vince Vaccaro traded his luck for a plane ticket to Australia with no real intention of returning home. Unsure of his direction or future destination he was out looking for something, and found it in
The VonBones are a female fronted,  Alternative punk/metal band out of Victoria, BC, Canada. They started playing shows the summer of 2009, and have recorded a EP that was released in May 2010. They started out being labeled as a
Wontanara Drum & Dance, led by Master dancer and choreographer Mohamed Andre Duranteau, is a performance troupe and school based out of Victoria, BC, that specializes in sharing and teaching traditional dances, rhythms and songs mainly originating from Guinea, West