Solstice Cafe

Solstice Cafe
529 Pandora Ave Victoria, BC V8W 3G9, Canada

solstice café is more than a cafe, it’s a community.   solstice chooses to sell only organic, fair-trade coffee and tea.  we use organic chocolate, have organic dairy and milk alternatives available, make meals and baking made with organic and/or locally grown and produced foods; and provide many vegan and gluten free options.  we source our supplies from small local companies, and work closely with our roasters and tea suppliers.  in making these choices we strive to help protect the environment, stimulate growth on the island, and provide choices for everyone.
the cafe is also being used to showcase local musical talent, theatre, poetry readings and as a space for political and/or philosophical discussions.   the walls of the cafe are used as a gallery to display the works of local artists and photographers, both amateur and professional.
come in, relax and help us
change the world for the better,
one coffee at a time!