The Biltmore

The Biltmore
395 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5T 3J5


Bookings / Media Contact
Courtney Ewan
(Contact for all booking requests)

General Manager
Darius Minwalla
(Not the booking requests contact)
Office Line: 1-604-676-0541

Bar Manager
Sean Smith

Owner / Manager
Zak Pashak

Sound Tech


Kitty Nights
For reservations: or e-mail directly to:

Glory Days
For GLORY DAYS Large Party & Birthday Party Guestlist Requests pls msg
GLORY DAYS does NOT have an Open Guestlist but GLORY DAYS does have a Guestlist to accomodate large parties(10+over) wanting to attend GLORY DAYS.

For hotels nearby the Biltmore, check out

The Biltmore is now working with The Band Hotel - an affordable option for touring bands.
The band hotel is blocks away from the Biltmore and has van parking.
Amenities: one bedroom apartment with kitchen, patio and backyard.
sleeps 4-6 people. hot water. hot tea. hot coffee.
$120 a night, negotiable rates for longer stays.

For more info contact Kim at or visit