The Water Shed Arts Cafe

The Water Shed Arts Cafe
20349 88 Avenue, Langley, BC V1M 2K5
(604) 882-0651
Some people ask us why we are here; some people express their amazement that we are still here after just over 2 years! Apparently we are the longest a cafe has been in existence in this space. Here’s why . . .

We strive to be a home where every ethnicity, age, gender, faith or social status is welcome.  The Water Shed is a place where all these streams of life can converge. Our hope is that in our differences we would mingle, learn, grow and celebrate one another, and through this convergence of lives, benefit the local community of Langley, and world at large.

“At the Water Shed we believe in family and community, music, arts and creativity, ethical practices and social justice, fairly traded products, health; quality and freshness, local and organic whole ingredients.”

Located in the sleepy suburb of Walnut Grove, the Water Shed endeavours to provide a unique cafe experience that embodies our vision and beliefs, through excellence of product and service, with passion and dedication. As Jenn Cornish (Owner) stated,

“We are a business – a business that is noticeably unique.  Good business practise says that we need to pick a demographic to be successful, however we are intentionally doing something different by creating a space where everyone can be welcomed, valued and feel at home.

Why I do this is because I love people and want to celebrate the goodness of life with excellent food and drink that sustains & nourishes us, creativity & beauty that stirs hope.

Creating a difference you can taste – and believe in.