Victoria House Concert B

Victoria House Concert B
1726 Stanley Ave Victoria B.C.

So, my friend and I went out to watch a hockey game at a local pub... A guy with large hair, guitar in hand looked ready to play during the start of overtime. When he did finally play, he captured us and 4 songs in wanted to play his own - seconds in I knew he was Tom from the Grapes Of Wrath. We saw him every week after that, bringing more and more followers. Story short, we became good friends. I asked if he would consider playing in my house. He showed me Myspace and here we are. I joined followed by so many other musicians.

My mission is my dedication to supporting the live music industry and pass it on to music lovers through the creation of Victoria House Concert B. Having all proceeds passed on to the musicians.
Why leave it all up to the venues and artists? Why not make it happen yourself? The musicains deserve all funds from their fans. 
Through this group we will find artists we would like to see live, and create the conditions needed to make their visit worth while for everyone. 
Possibly the easiest way to show your support is to invite your friends to join the group. If you live in Victoria, Canada and you love live music, then you are already a member at heart and all you need to do is ask to be our friend!
Upcoming shows: Awesome Victoria artist Vince Vaccaro Nov 12 and 13